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All New PLL Tonight!

They’re back! When we last saw the Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family, Spencer had uncovered a shocking ode to “Ali + Ian” carved in a tree. Toby had revealed some creepy news about his relationship with Jenna to Emily. Aria had just reunited with Ezra in a steamy make-out scene . . . with a mysterious, hooded stalker watching in the woods. And Hanna?  Hanna was left for dead after an unidentified driver ran her over—on purpose!

What could possibly happen next? Find out tonight when Pretty Little Liars returns—and don’t be late! Tonight’s episode starts 2 minutes early at 7:58 / 6:58 PM Central. They needed an extra 120 seconds to pack in all the drama!

Which of the Liars did you miss the most while PLL was on hiatus? Tell us which storyline you’re dying to catch up on tonight!