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Speculation: 40 Reasons Wren is A on Pretty Little Liars

Who is A on Pretty Little Liars? Well we’ve already explored (and probably exhausted) all the possible reasons Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) could be the infamous creeper. However, you know who else is high up on our “A” radar? Wren Kingston (Julian Morris)! Let’s face it: another sweet-faced, well-educated hunk with a shady history and an attraction to high school girls? Color us suspicious! Sure that accent makes us melt at the knees but it doesn’t make us oblivious to his questionable behavior.

Now without further ado, here are 40 reasons why we think Wren is A and the head honcho behind all the dastardly deeds!

1. Nosey Bitches Die: Upon wrecking Dr. Sullivan’s office, A smeared the note pictured below on the wall. Is A a terrible speller? Perhaps, but it just so happens that the British spelling of “nosy” is nosey…so feel free to draw your own conclusion.

nosey bitches die - Note from A.

Nosey bitches die.

Update 2/11/2014: In the black-and-white episode, “Shadow Play,” film noir Spencer notices “nightly” is misspelled on a poster hanging in the alleyway outside the club Ali performs at. However, this might not be an actual error; it could be a clue since “nite” is an old British spelling of the word.

ABC Family

ABC Family

2. Hopkins: In the PLL episode 3×10, “What Lies Beneath,” A is catching up on the news when the camera suddenly sweeps over the remote. The remote is situated on top of a cardboard box with the word “Hopkins” scribbled on it. Hopkins happens to be a medical institution, and since Wren is a doctor, it’s hard not to connect the two!

Hopkins - Pretty Little Liars - What Lies Beneath

An itty bitty clue?

3. OCD: In Pretty Little Liars episode 2×21, “Breaking the Code,” a down-in-the-dumps Spencer drops by Wren’s apartment for a casual make-out session, and upon observing his orderly apartment, she jokingly asks him if he has OCD (obsessive compulsion disorder). Well, judging by the collection of neatly pressed black hoodies hanging in A’s closet in What Lies Beneath, it seems as if Wren and the sketchy texter have something in common.

A's hoodies in "What Lies Beneath'

All the same and perfectly spaced…hmm.

4. A Vodka Afficionado: Okay, so vodka isn’t a rare drink or anything. However, it just so happens that Wren happens to be the only Rosewood resident who specifically prefers this alcoholic beverage. In PLL episode 1×02, “The Jenna Thing,” Wren orders a vodka soda while out for dinner with Melissa, Spencer, and Mr. Hastings. Much later on, in episode 3×03 (“King of The Blind), A is seen grabbing a vodka soda out of a giant freezer and pouring it into a fancy glass. Additionally, in episode 3×04, A is seen indulging in a vodka soda while waiting for a flight at Montecito airport. How many youngsters (aside from the fictional ones on Gossip Girl) who jet set and are able to order alcoholic beverages?

A likes vodka on Pretty Little Liars

Just A getting into the “spirit” of things.

5. The Avius Factor: In PLL episode 3×1, while reading a fashion magazine to Mona at Radley Sanitarium, Hanna mutters, “Birds, birds, birds.” Initially it seems random, but could this have been a clue from the writers? After all, a wren is a type of bird and the Liars clothes in this season are full of bird prints.



6. Schizo: In PLL 3×02, Wren confides in Hanna that his father was schizophrenic. Sure, just because his dad had it doesn’t mean that Wren does (and since we don’t anything about Wren’s mom we can’t exactly draw out a Punnett Square), but his once-endearing comment now seems awfully suspicious, especially since this mental illness is hereditary.

Wren and Hanna at Radley in PLL Season 3

What a coincidence bumping into you here.

7. The Dark Sage: Wren always utters wise-yet-cryptic shit, but we tend to gloss over it because anything that protrudes from his mouth sounds hella sexy. Now we know better. For example? “None of us are perfect, we all come with baggage.” Oh really…What are YOU hiding, Doc?

None of us are perfect, we all come with baggage.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

8. Who’s Board Shorts? Oh, how about the fellow wearing the actual board shorts in the Pretty Little Liars pilot? Yea. That’s what we thought. (Edit: Ezra turned out to be “Board Shorts” — a nickname he acquired for drinking  beer named after beach attire. However, we’ve learned not to take anything at face value when it comes to PLL.)

Wren wears board shorts in the Pretty Little Liars pilot.

But that body though!

9. The Sketch Artist: At the end of Season 4, Episode 10: “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” Wren was spotted doing a little coloring. In fact, he attributed a red coat to a brown-haired girl. Does he know more about the A team, Red Coat, and Vivian Darkbloom than he’s let on? That’s far too coincidental! Also, the family he’s coloring in? Maybe it’s just us, but it strangely resembles the Montgomery family: Ella, Aria, Byron, and Mike. Byron, worried about Mike’s erratic behavior, once mentioned that his brother suffered from mental illness. Wren’s father suffered from mental illness as well. Could this be the true reason why he’s constantly trying to infiltrate everyone’s social circles? It’s far-fetched but something to think about! (Update: 6/23/15: We now know “Charles” is a member of the DiLaurentis family.)

Wren colors a coat red

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

10. The Spelling Bee Failure: In Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10, Wren evaluates Mona and she points out that he left out the “G” in diagnosis. However, Wren’s unfortunate spelling error isn’t what captures our attention (although he’s supposed to be an Ivy League genius so it’s quite jarring)  — it’s that the letters in all his words are capitalized and are written out in red ink, much like most of A’s notes!

Wren's "dianosis"

Photo Credit: PLL episode 4×09

11. The Older Gentleman: Just like Ezra, Wren has a thing for the younger ladies — except Wren’s track record is far more extreme. Sure, Melissa doesn’t fit the bill, but Spencer and Hanna certainly do. It would make perfect sense if he turns out to be the cray cray guy Alison DiLaurentis was dating the summer before she disappeared.

Spencer and Wren flirting  - Is Wren A on Pretty Little Liars?

You kiss, I tell. – A

12. Blocked Number:  In the Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode “Can You Hear Me Now?,” Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily block all unknown phone numbers and email addresses. Later on that evening though, just when Spencer lets her guard down and thinks she’s safe, Wren decides to scare up some drama by entering the Hastings house unannounced and breaking a flower pot. At first Spencer thinks there’s an intruder inside her house but is relieved to find out that it’s only Wren and not some psycho killer. But here’s the interesting bit: Wren insists that he tried to call her to tell her he’d be stopping by, but she had blocked his number. (Direct quote: “”I tried calling you, but you’re blocking my number.”) Um, why would she ever bother doing that? Sure, “to fight temptation and not make out with her sister’s ex-boo” is a decent excuse…but not a solid one.

Wren smashes a flower pot in "Can You Hear Me Now"

Don’t mind me. Just breaking and entering.

13. The Motel Resident: Speaking of “Can You Hear Me Now?,” you know what also stands out in that ep? The fact that Wren is staying at a motel. Spencer even gives him a ride there and kisses him right outside his room (103…even though he was originally staying in 214). How many other Rosewood residents sleep at motels, the setting of a lot of shady “A” shenanigans? Just something to think about!

Rosewood Motel

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

14. El Doctor: As a resident at Rosewood General, Wren has access to medical records so stealing “Alison’s” autopsy report from the morgue wouldn’t have been too difficult.

Dr. Wren Kingston

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ ABC Family

15. The Most Dangerous Type of Liar: In Pretty Little LiarsSeason 2 Episode 23, Jenna says, “I bet even a lie would sound good in that accent.” Yikes. Who knows how many lies have slipped from Wren’s mouth and into our ears, and to this day, remain unchallenged.

I bet even a lie would sound good in that accent.

Maybe Jenna knows something we don’t know…

16. The Security Footage Swiper: Remember when A sent the cops photos of the Liars sneaking around the hospital in their candy striper uniforms in “CTRL: A”? Well clearly whoever did had access to the hospital’s security footage — like perhaps a physician who worked in that same building day after day?

Hanna, Spencer and Emily dressed as candy stripers

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

17. The Body Snatcher: Old A liked to play with dolls. New A likes to play with body parts. Who else, aside from a grave digger, has access to cadavers and teeth than a medical student?

Dead girls can't smile.

Dead girls can’t smile. – A

18. The HGH Mystery: Remember when Emily was rushed to the ER in “Save The Date” and her attending physician a.k.a. Dr. Kingston reveals that her bloodstream was seeping with steroids? Well, as it turns out, A had been slipping HGH into some of her creams. The question remains: Who would have access to that many drugs without arousing suspicion? Um, a medical resident, that’s who.

Wren and Emily in "Save the Date"

Wren pays Emily a visit at the hospital.

19. The Lab Results: Unfortunately Emily’s nightmare doesn’t end with being drugged by a psycho and ending up at the hospital. No siree. “A” takes it a step further by threatening her with her test results. Wren knew about the HGH “scandal” and had access to the files. Ahem ahem.

"I own you. - A" - "Save the Date"

I own you. – A

20. The Homewrecker: Wren likes Spencer…but enough to sabotage all her relationships? Interesting enough, ever since Wren came into Spencer’s life, her dating situation has suffered a bout of bad luck. Not only did A meddle in her whirlwind romance with tennis prodigy Alex but he/she also kept trying to blast apart the Spoby ship. Let’s see: A loosens the screws on Toby’s scaffold in an attempt to maim him. A tells Spencer to end things with Toby or else her boyfriend will find himself in grave danger. A sends Spencer the creepiest notes ever: a doll that cries, “Keep Toby Safe” in PLL episode 2×12 and then a text that reads, “Almost got him! Toby won’t be so lucky next time.” Interestingly enough, whenever Spencer is “single,” Wren swoops in and tries to win her over with his dashing good looks and charm. (In fact, in PLL episode 3×20 he pretty much incriminates himself with a moment of honesty: “I think that part of me hoped that, with Toby out of the picture, I finally stood a chance.”

A cuts Spencer and Toby photo

Along with Aria and Ezra’s photo, A cuts up Spoby’s kissing shot and burns it.

21. The Black Market Practitioner: In the first Halloween special “The First Secret,” Alison, assuming that Emily and Ben are getting freaky under the sheets, casually drops the following advice: “I know a doctor if you want to go on the pill. He’ll see you without telling your mom.”  The fact that Wren was providing Melissa with unprescribed medication in PLL Season 2, hid the truth about Emily’s ulcer from her parents (even though she wasn’t even his patient to begin with), and then stitched up Hanna’s leg in secret without admitting her to a hospital, makes the theory that he knew Alison very very likely! (P.S. In episode 3×10, A creepily tells Hanna he/she is saving her for later. Guess what Hanna tells Wren after he stitches her up. “You really saved me.”)

Wren stitches Hanna

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

22. False Evidence: You know how A’s lair in Ravenswood was filled with incriminating photos? Well there was one of Wren and Spencer kissing and it was titled “Wren at Radley.” When the girls wondered if Wren could be A, Aria suggested that couldn’t be right since A seemed to be watching him as well. Interestingly enough though, the photo was never snapped at Radley — it was taken right outside an art gallery. Why in the world would A tamper with a photo and remove prime details from it? Oh, perhaps to take all attention off of Wren and create some reverse psychology?

False evidence in A's lair in Ravenswood

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

23. Change in Status: While a patient at Radley, Mona was not allowed to have any visitors. However, A changed her restrictions. Who else could have access to that? Sure, Caleb the glossy-haired hacker might have, but odds are it was Wren!

All of a sudden, Mona is permitted visitors at Radley Sanitarum.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

24. The Radley Crook: Viewers often laugh about how easy it is to get in and out of Radley Sanitarium without getting caught. The reality of the situation though is that it’s not and there’s an authority figure there who makes it all too easy for patients. In fact, according to a Radley orderly, Eddie Lamb, some staff members have been linked to tampering with the institution’s ID badges. Wren happens to volunteer his time at Radley…out of the goodness of his heart, we’re led to believe. Eddie believes otherwise. He issues the following warning in PLL episode 3×23: “Trust your instinct. Mine told me, from the minute that guy got here, it wasn’t for the right reasons.”

CeCe Drake visitor pass

Photo Credit: PLL / ABC Family

25. The Lurker: Most residents don’t have time for sleep let alone hanging out at a sanitarium at night during their off hours — yet Wren manages to do all three. And when Spencer checks herself in, Wren just happens to find all sorts of excuses to drop by and muddle her brain his cryptic nonsense.

Wren and Spencer at Radley

26. The Home Buyer: Obviously, “A” is someone who is older than a high school student and financially stable enough to rent/buy a home. Exhibit A: A real estate agent showed a prospective buyer around Emily Fields’ house in episode 2×02. That person turned out to be A who promptly deleted the N.A.T. Club videos off her computer.

fatal error on Emily's computer

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

27. The Police Board: In Pretty Little Liars episode 4×03, Hanna stumbles upon a board filled with clues at the police station. The detectives investigating Wilden’s murder have intel on everyone, including Wren Kingston. However, they put “Dr” in italics which makes us wonder what dirty details they have on Rosewood’s go-to physician. (Technically though Wren is still a resident so that might also explain why the detectives hesitated to call him a doctor.)

Police Board from Pretty Little Liars episode 4x03

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

28. Fancy Schmancy: In episode 4×12, the Liars discover a closet full of suits in A’s Lair. They could very well belong to Ezra, but it’s actually Wren who wears the majority of suits on the show.

suits in A's lair in Ravenswood

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

29. The Piano Man: The piano is a pretty common instrument but very few Rosewood residents seem to know how to play. Spencer is one of them. Alison is as well. So is Wren and he even has a piano in his apartment. As it just so happens, A enjoys fiddling away on the old keys as well. Mm hmm.

Wren and Spencer in PLL 2x21

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

Update 6/26/15: A very perceptive fan pointed out in the comments that Wren is into old timey decor — which, after watching this deleted scene from PLL Season 5, seems like a very particular aesthetic.

30. Richy Rich: There’s no doubt about it — A is pretty damn wealthy. To own a secret, high-tech lair and afford to buy diamonds, computer gadgets, and vintage dolls all the time? Puh-lease. The girls’ stalker is practically the King Midas of this sleepy, little town. And judging by the fact that Wren has a sweet pad, extensive education, and an debonair wardrobe, it’s definitely easy to point fingers at him!

A's lair in Ravenswood

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars episode 4×12

31. The Drugger: Another resident getting drugged? Just an ordinary day at Rosewood. However, this time around it was Paige McCullers who found herself at the mercy of A. In PLL episode 3×05, while living large at Jenna’s birthday party, Paige takes a swig out of Emily’s flask only to find herself zonked out. “There were traces of Milizopam in my system,” she tells her worried girlfriend. “It’s a sleeping pill.” Who has easy access to medication in this town? Oh let’s see…Wren!

Paige at the hospital in PLL episode 3x05

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 5

32. The Stethoscope: Okay, we might be stretching it with this one because doctors all own stethoscopes. Still, does Wren have to drape his in such a way that the letter “A” blares from his neck?

Wren's stethoscope on Pretty Little Liars

Judging a man by the way he wears his stethoscope? Don’t mind if we do.

33. The Botanist:A loves plants and greenhouses. Wren seriously spends half his time on this show lugging around flower pots. Coincidence? While it’s not a crime to treat someone to a pretty gift, when the guy doing so is Wren we’re on high alert. Check out the photo below (from PLL episode 2×08) below for further reference!

Wren comes bearing flowers in PLL Season 2 Episode 8

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

34. Funeral Crasher: We questioned Ezra’s presence at Alison DiLaurentis’ “funeral” in the pilot episode. So why not question Wren’s as well? Yes, he was engaged to Melissa Hastings at the time but a funeral is neither a wedding nor a “plus one” sort of event. Why he bother attending the funeral of a girl he doesn’t know. So sketchy.

Wren at Alison's funeral

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

35. The Chart Thief: So in PLL Season 4, Emily injured her shoulder saving Aria and Mona from A. At the end of episode 4×03, A is seen playing an eerie song about shoulder bones and hip bones and examining Emily’s fracture. Her doctor is Robert Vargas yet some other person has access to her files (once again) — and we’re betting it’s Wren! Who else would have all the proper medical equipment and know what to look for?

36. Who Killed Ian Thomas? First of all, it makes sense that Wren is the one who saved Spencer from an untimely death in the church bell tower. Second, when Melissa and Spencer found Ian’s body in a barn (along with a “suicide” note) in PLL Season 2 Episode 4, Wren was there along for the ride. (Earlier in the “Blind Dates” episode, viewers witnessed as Wren maneuvered his way back into the Hastings stronghold. Hiding in a supplies closet, with Spencer by his side, he called Melissa to convince her to lead him to Ian because he is might be suffering from a staph infection. Hmm. He always finds a way!)

Melissa and Wren in Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 4

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

37. The City of Brotherly Love:In episode 2×16, Spencer finds a bag filled with phones and gum, along with a receipt for magazines at her family’s lake house. The receipt is from Smitty’s, a store located in Philadelphia. Guess who lives in Philly? Wren!

smitty's receipt - Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 16

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

38. In Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10, he and Mona have a rather hair-raising conversation. “Why would I ever be honest with you?” she inquires. “You used to be,” Wren responds. “Well that’s before I realized where your loyalties were.” Wren, however, ignores her comment about how he’s keeping secrets from her and points out that he knows she’s stopped taking her medication. Creepy!

39. At the very end of PLL’s “Hot for Teacher,” a shadowy figure wearing black gloves organizes a stack of prescription pads…with WREN’S NAME ON THEM. True, Spencer was caught with a couple in her bag in “Free Fall,” but we have a feeling someone with access to her bag slipped them in there in an attempt to incriminate her…

PLL's A unloads a bunch of unused prescription pads with Wren's name on them

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

40. The Meddler: Wren drops by the Hastings house in Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 10: “The Mirror Has Three Faces.” He risks his medical license to “warn” Mrs. Hastings about Mona being dangerous and confessing to Wilden’s murder for all the wrong reasons. Mrs. Hastings heeds his warning and pays Mona a visit to make sure she wasn’t trying to hurt Spencer or Melissa with her confession. Mona then switches the tables on Mrs. Hastings and claims she coerced her into taking the blame. This little visit costs Mrs. Hastings her role as Ashley Marin’s defense attorney. Later on though, while speaking on the phone with a mysterious someone, Wren admits he really “dodged a bullet” with his embarrassing mother-in-law. It looks like he was setting her up only to knock her down. What a two-faced weasel!


BONUS: Um, does the “Love Thy Neighbor” poster hanging in Charles’ room — which we got a glimpse of in PLL 5×25 — look familiar? It’s the same one Wren has…..

ABC Family

ABC Family

Do you think Wren is A? Or is your money still on Ezra Fitz? Tell us who you think A is on Pretty Little Liars and feel free to point out additional clues that incriminate Wren Kingston!

After the Christmas special, Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family on January 6, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. In the meantime, check out A’s most dastardly deeds in the gallery below!

Most Terrifying 'A' Moments

  • "I'm still here bitches and I know everything."-A Dealing with the death of one of your best friends and having to attend her funeral would be hard on anyone, but add on the stress of realizing you also now have a crazy stalker? This was just the first of A's many tricks.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • When you go shopping, things you tend to worry about affording all the nice accessories you want to be and whether those jeans flatter your bum or make you look stout. However, Spencer's issue that day was finding a snake in the dressing room. WTF.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • 'A' was right when he/she revealed that someone wasn't going to make it to the end of line -- and that person happened to be Garrett. Even though we were relieved to find out it wasn't one of our girls, we were horrified for Aria when A trapped her in a box...right next to Garrett's corpse!

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • When you get mad at someone you either don't answer their texts or make a few snide comments in their presence. A, however, deals with problems differently -- as proven when the bitch ran over Hanna with a car!

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • Poor Dr. Sullivan was just doing her job when she was counseling the Liars. Unfortunately, A wasn't pleased and decided to send her a message by trashing her office.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • Did we get transported to The Twilight Zone with Talking Tina? What is up with those creepy dolls? These mini doppelgangers of the Pretty Little Liars were used to torment them multiple times.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • A is everywhere, even in your morning cereal. When Emily went to go the most important meal of the day, she was reminded to always be on the lookout for A.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • Where the hell did A get human teeth? Instead of just sending the girls the teeth in a box, A just got creative and make a necklace. How cute! Not.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • Remember that time Mona and Hanna tried to contact the spirit world to ask about Alison? So does A, and decided to leave Hanna a little flashback present.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • A took it a whole step further when she made Spencer think Toby was dead and send her a funeral program. Don't mess with our Spoby.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • We waited so long, only to find out it was a pig. Even though we were waiting for something like, I don't know, a human body, it was still creepy to see a dead pig in the back of Wilden's car.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • Sometimes staying after school sucks. But, that took on a whole new meaning when A started chasing Emily through Rosewood High, all while blasting loud music over the PA system and trying to break into the room she was hiding out in.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

  • A seems to REALLY have it out for poor Spencer, and that was made apparent when the ruthless text revealed that he/she was digging a grave for Spencer's body. Um, how sweet?

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

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