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Was That A Shadow of Guilt on Spencer’s Face?

Troian Bellisario as Spencer

A look of surprise crossed Ali‘s face, but it quickly turned to mocking. “Friends don’t shove friends.”

“Well, maybe we’re not friends,” Spencer said.

PLL Book #3: Perfect by Sara Shepard

In PLL Ep 114: “Careful What U Wish 4,” Spencer spends most of her time dodging Ian and looking for her laptop. The result? The Liars never have a chance to show the police the incriminating video that proves Ian was with Alison the night she died. Even before the laptop mysteriously disappeared with the evidence, Spencer was reluctant to go to the police. Why?

That’s what we were wondering when Spencer’s laptop conveniently reappeared with a new incriminating picture of Ali on the night she was murdered. There was a shadow in the picture. A shadow that led Hanna to say someone was following Ali as she left Spencer’s barn that fateful night. That’s when we saw it! Spencer looked worried, and a little . . . guilty.

Did you see it too? Tell us what you think about Spencer “losing her laptop” and all the other coincidences that made her look guilty on “Careful What U Wish 4.” What if Spencer’s “wish” to find Ali’s killer leads to incriminating herself?