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Match the Liar with the Quote! Ep 120: Someone to Watch Over Me

ABC Family

If you watched last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, then you’re ready to play this week’s installment of Match the Liar with the Quote!

Here are 5 of our favorite quotes from PLL Ep 120: “Someone to Watch Over Me“:

  1. Everybody should be as happy as I am.”
  2. It’s like I hear A laughing in my head.”
  3. Fresh manicures and tiny keyboards–a deadly combination.”
  4. There’s nothing simple about lying.”
  5. If she’s keeping secrets, it’s because she learned it from us.”

Now it’s your turn! Try to guess who said what in the comments–then check back tomorrow to see if you’re this week’s winner.

UPDATE: Congrats, Sami! You were the very first person to play Match the Liar with the Quote this week–and you won!