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Can Pretty Little Liars’ Spencer Hastings Really Trust Toby Cavanaugh? Or is She Falling for the Enemy?

Someone to Watch Over Me - Spencer and Toby

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Now that Caleb and Hanna are on the outs (oh, Haleb! We hardly knew you), we’re down to Spoby as the last new PLL couple left standing. But is Toby really the right guy for Spencer? We’re not so sure, and here’s why:

  1. We know that misery loves company, but when two murder suspects hook up, don’t they both look even guiltier by association?
  2. Now that the police are focusing on Spencer, Toby is closer than ever to being fully exonerated–which means he has a really strong motive to frame Spencer.
  3. Jenna wants Toby all to herself . . . so every moment Spencer is with him makes Jenna angrier . . . and Jenna scares us when she’s angry!
  4. As Hanna learned this week, love can make you blinder than Jenna. Has falling for Toby blinded Spencer to the possibility that Toby may not be trustworthy?

We’ve lined up our worries about Spoby. Now tell us what you think: Are they perfect for each other? Or is Spencer making a huge mistake?