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Recap for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Episode 19: Back from the Dead?

Warning: Please note that this is the Pretty Little Liars recap for Season 6 Episode 19. The post contains spoilers, quotes, and specific scene descriptions. Please do not read any further until you have watched “Did You Miss Me,” which was written by Joseph Dougherty and directed by Roger Kumble and originally aired on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

Dr. Rollins and Alison - Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 19 recap - Did You Miss Me


Call Me Maybe: The episode kicks off by throwing it back to The Twilight Zone, with rolling fog and deserted streets. A creepy alley is where we find Emily and Mona. Emily asks Mona if she called Charlotte that night, and yes she did. Mona asked Char to meet her at the Two Crows diner, because she had questions for her. Charlotte held all of their secrets, knew every mistake they made yet in the five years locked away in the loony bin she didn’t spill anything. Emily is like ‘so you were also the one who tried to make me road kill the other night?’ No, Mona was still working at the campaign that night. However, while Mona was busy chowing down on apple pie for two hours, Charlotte never showed up. Um, what happened to sticking to meeting plans? Mona then turns the tables and asks Emily what she would have done if she got Charlotte alone. Before Em could say anything (aka incriminate herself once again), what sounds like an alley cat rattles some trash cans behind them and the two spin quickly around, staring into the darkness. EERIE! Emily goes to Spencer’s shabby chic barn the next morning and tells Sparia the story that Mona laid out. Do they believe her? Spencer is all ‘Oh cool, so we should just go ahead and trust someone who just confessed she would have murdered someone if her victim wasn’t running late’ but agrees that Mona can help them out.
Lap Dog: Hanna is on the phone for the hundredth time telling Jordy that she is still in Rosewood and she can’t come home right now. Tanner wants her to stay and she cannot leave her friends. He doesn’t seem to grasp the severity of this, but the call seems to end amicably with an “I love you, boo.’ Lucas, who is busy working on her magical loft tablet, tries not to wince over their mushy baby talk, but we can all see it a mile away. Mister Puppy Love has taken the fireplace offline and updated the rest of the firmware. She shouldn’t experience any more explosions or blackouts. Thank goodness! To thank him, she gifts some ties complete with notes on what to pair them with. That’s so thoughtful, but I should say that Lucas is looking rather suave these days. Puppy Love isn’t just here to serve Hannakins, though; his accounts told him to spend some of his billz billz billz and he plans to invest in one of the abandoned Rosewood factories. That isn’t what I’d do with millions — ever heard of a villa in Tuscany, pal? — but okay. He will bring her a new controller later.

The Honeymooners: Ali and Elliott are enjoying their honeymoon B&B taking a moment to plan out their day. Some reading by the river is in order and maybe some picnic canoodling too. As Ali is about to go down the steps, her heel gets caught on a piece of carpet and she flies head first down the staircase. Dr. Elliott Rollins takes his new bride to the local hospital and makes her stay for observation because she’s got a concussion. Ali can’t help but think that this ‘accident’ occurred because she got too happy. She is being punished for surviving. Rollins assures her this was an accident, the B&B is checking in on her and they are making repairs ASAP. An accident is an accident right, (not on PLL my friends) and Ali send a cute hospital gown selfie to the Rosewood ladies. The Liars take up residence at the Brew, with only three days until the elections and Ali’s ‘accident’ they are in real trouble. Maybe Ali should stay out of town, she’ll be safer. Hanna plans to visit her in the hospital. When talk turns from Ali to Mona, Hanna banana jumps to Mona’s defense; she didn’t kill Charlotte so let it go! The girls stare at her in shock.

After jumping down her friends’ throats about Mona’s innocence in Charlotte’s murder, Hanna arrives at Ali’s room, which is flooded with flowers. Ali fills Hanna in and shares that Elliott was asked to speak at a conference in Chicago. Hanna is worried that Ali will be alone in Rosewood but oddly Ali isn’t concerned. I don’t know why she isn’t freaking the hell out, girl is in denial! Hanna comments on what we’re all thinking, who sent these flowers since you don’t have any friends but us! They are all from her boo, of course — the same boo who is so creepy he has Hanna making pasta references in order to avoid engaging in awkward conversation with him.

Hanna notices a rather intricate card on one bouquet with a staircase on it, inside there are 5 drawings of the girls with 3 crossed out. Ugh, tacky threats scare NO ONE, Uber A! Throwing it back to her bandit days at the local mall, Hanna hurriedly places the card in her purse. Rollins walks her out and says he’s impressed with her loyalty and how they all stick together. Hanna tells him to call if they need anything and she leaves. Is that a tiny backpack purse she’s got on? Those are back in??? Also can we notice that the flowers attached to the menacing card were purple roses — aren’t those the same kind of flowers that Charlotte was holding when the cops found her? Did anyone else notice that?! Hm.

Later on, Ali wakes up in the dark to see a figure in her room. It’s Mrs. DiLaurentis! Her momma tells her not to be afraid, that she’ll be safe and protected with Elliott, he’s a good man. Mama D loves her, says to rest up, because she’ll be happy now. Is this the drugs, a dream or am I crazy to think that maybe Mrs. D isn’t dead? Lots of people aren’t really dead on this show. Elliott comes to wake her with good news. All tests were clear so they can go home tomorrow; he also plans to cancel Chicago. She has new found faith from her ‘dream’ and tells him to go, she’ll be okay.

Ezra Fitz - Pretty Little Liars promo for episode 619


“You’re a bad influence on me.” – Ezra Fitz, 2016 Ezra tells Aria that Jillian wants to meet them at Radley when she’s in town. He is more concerned about a chapter they were working on the other day. He doesn’t like how it came together and he’s going to revise it. Aria supports his request; it’s better to figure out whats bothering him about the story rather than dealing with his adult-sized tantrums for the next few days. She can’t help but gaze at a photo of Nicole on Ezra’s shelf as he goes in the other room to write. Aria reads the scene later and it’s clear that he rewrote it to reflect a real conversation that he and Nicole had, likely their last one. She had promised to stay and he wants her to go with him. When she doesn’t, he leaves like a cranky hangry betch. So the question remains: Aria brings out his honesty, so do they write what’s true even if it’s not romantic? Aria, wise little sage she is, advises that they write what makes the best plot. Makes perfect sense.

Later, Ezria meets up with Jilly to have dinner at the Radley. They inform her that they are taking their time and their trust of one another makes for a great process. She assures them she isn’t leaning on them (much) but she does need a rough manuscript soon, for the marketing department. Ezra jumps in, they’ll have it soon, surprising Aria. Jill has Aria escort her out, letting her know that Liam won’t be the go between anymore, she’ll report directly to Jill. Liam needs some distance right now. She knows that there was something going on between them but for right now focus on ‘your Ezra.’ Everyone will love you two. Emily calls Aria after Jill leaves and says what happened to Ali wasn’t an accident; she needs to tell Ezra what’s going on. She does tell him, making it clear that both she and Ali were intentionally hurt. It’s happening again and this time they’re going to do something about it!

Emily in PLL 6x19


Meeting of the Minions: Emily video chats Spencer, showing her footage of Mona and Sara Harvey’s helper talking in the square. Why would they be conversing? Spencer heads to the square to meet up with Em now that Mona is gone and Mr. Helper has entered city hall. He leaves holding a drawing tube. He slips some coins into a parking meter and a plan hatches in Nancy Drew’s Spencer’s enviable brain.

So what do Spemily do? They pretend they hit his car when they park behind him. They put on their best flirt faces and apologize profusely for being so careless and hurting his ride. Emily acts as the lead while Spencer takes his packages for him, while he inspects the damage. She pulls the drawings out of the tube, ever so slightly, seeing floor plans for Radley. Also a Radley key holder slips out, room 193. They return his things to him; he isn’t concerned about his car. Emily isn’t giving up, she tails Mr. Helper who grabs an ice cream at a parked truck. When a silver car drives by he slides the tube into the open window. Em sinks down into the seat attempting to hide, but spies Shower Harvey driving the car. She’s back? Ugh.

Hanna in the Church with the Candlestick: Hanna invites Caleb over to her loft. She shows him the card from Ali’s room. This person is going to keep chipping away at them all, so they need to give him/her what they want, the killer. She needs him to help her. Haleb go to Spencer’s, who is on the phone with Emily about the ice cream truck. Spencer tells them that Sara is back and she’s checking into Radley again under a fake name. Hanna is teary eyed telling Spencer that she left the room that night when they were asleep. She saw Ezra and Aria in the square and Charlotte enter the church. Char was alone, praying and Hanna grabbed a candlestick and hit her in the back of the head, then she dragged her to the tower and threw her off. Hanna tells this with such conviction, that I start to palpitate. She erased the Radley footage not to help Aria but to save herself. Spencer looks downright horrified. Banana then turns to Calab and is like ‘she bought that, so this will work. They bring Emily into this story to get her on board. Wine is poured while they debate. If Hannakins does this she can be turned into the police. Uber A wants revenge not justice though. Emily asks if Spencer is down this this, but she’s fresh out of plans so I guess that’s a yes. We need to back them up because they’ll do it anyway according to Spence. Hanna is so delighted that she is teaming up with high school sweetheart, that she grabs his hand while on the couch.

hanna grabs calebs hand in 619spencer sips wine in 619


Spencer looks faint, and when Emily pushes her further, Spencer sips wine and replies, ‘Should I wedge myself between them on the sofa?’ Okay we get it, you’re pissed. At this point, Spencer recalls happier times and flashbacks to Madrid. She and Caleb are in a hotel room, she’s wearing a sexy dress, and they are talking about a piece of art that he took to when he was in foster care. She thanks him for the adventures and the spontaneity. Nothing really happens in this scene except it;s positively pulsating with sexual tension; it’s literally dripping from the air so much we’re surprised they didn’t jump each other’s bones right then and there. Spencer has it bad for Caleb and seeing Hanna on him isn’t sitting well with her. (Yes, he was first with Hanna but there’s no excuse for her being so touchy touchy with him. While I enjoy me some Haleb action, this is rather immature on Hanna’s part; she’s engaged for crying aloud and even gave Spaleb her blessing. It’s a bit childish to treat Caleb like he’s some mere toy; she has no ownership over him and can’t just come and go whenever she pleases. She needs to make up her mind about whether she wants to be in a full-on committed relationship with him.)

Sugar Daddy Lucas: Haleb stop by the loft and Lucas is there testing the tablet. Apparently Caleb is a shareholder with Puppy love’s company so he knows that he’s doing well. The boy talk about doing lunch and Caleb leave her with Lucas. He gives her a new tablet and shows her before and after plans for the factory. His real intentions come out. If she could do anything with that space, what would it be? Hanna doesn’t even want to dream that big but she says she’d make her own line. Sugar daddy says ‘done.’ He wants to fund her a cool million to do this, he wants to give her something no one else can. I adore him but he’s giving off some pretty sinister “let me take you out for a late-night boat ride” vibes right now! He asks her to think on it because she can’t possibly accept this. They will talk tomorrow.

No More Games: Everyone, including Aria and Ezra are at Spencer’s. They all agree that they need to support Hanna and Caleb on this. Caleb’s hand rubs Hanna’s back and Spencer looks like she’s about to go “Swim Fan” on Hanna. Here goes nothing, Hanna texts Uber A “Leave my friends alone, I killed Charlotte” Blondie’s ‘Call Me” starts playing as we see the text bounce around town and end up at A’s lair. The phone is placed next to the laptop which is playing a campaign advertisement for Mrs. Hastings.

Mona is in town walking to her car, out of the shadows comes Sara Harvey. Mona tells her to leave them all alone. Charlotte is dead and now anything Sara does is on her, she’s not under Charlotte’s spell anymore. “Charlotte’s dead. You can’t get reparations from a corpse,” wise Mona points out. “You can, if you know where to dig,” Sara retorts ever so cryptically. Showers then comments that the Liars will never really trust her and that’s she will be all alone in the end.

With that, we have our season finale next week.

So, darlings: Do you think Mrs. DiLaurentis is the one with an identical twin? Will Hanna and Caleb get back together or would it be too weird for Haleb and Spoby to rekindle their romances after #Spaleb happened? Is anyone else creeped out by Dr. Rollins? Do you think the Liars will pull off this daring plan or will it fail miserably? Who do you think Uber A is at this point? Let’s chat!