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Which ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Character Would Lucy Hale Kill Off?

In case you haven’t seen all their enviable photos on Instagram yet, we’re here to inform you that Lucy Hale and Tyler Blackburn are basically living the dream. The Pretty Little Liars co-stars, who play Aria Montgomery and Caleb Rivers on the hit Freeform series, spent the second week of March 2016 visiting Brazil and, judging by their frequent social media updates, it appeared as though they had a blast. They soaked in plenty of sun, met with passionate Rosewood fanatics, shopped, and took in the local sights in Rio de Janeiro. In other words, they had tons of fun exploring the beautiful Latin American country and we are positively green with envy over their latest adventure.

Lucy Hale and Tyler Blackburn in Brazil, March 2016

Source: Instagram

That being said, what was the highlight of their trip? Their super entertaining Q&A panel at a fan convention in Sao Paolo takes the cake, hands down. Not only were all the attendees so welcoming of Lucy and Tyler, but they asked some seriously entertaining questions. For example: Which PLL character would they each kill off in a heartbeat?

While Tyler kept his response practical and shipper-friendly — “Hanna’s fiancé, Jordan” — so as to not ruffle any of Tippi the Bird’s feathers, Lucy could barely contain her excitement when she revealed her top pick.

Let’s just say her blunt, straightforward answer, which a PLL fan generously transcribed and shared via twitter, had us in stitches. “If I can kill a character on PLL, I would kill Sara Harvey,” the actress confirmed, before offering a legitimate explanation. “Because she’s pretty boring.”



Same, girl. Same. There’s honestly just not enough hot water in this world to have Shower “I Burned My Hands While Trying to Diffuse A Bomb, and Instead of Claiming Responsibility for My Villainous Actions, I’m Now Trying to Deflect The Blame on the Girls I Almost Blew to Pieces” Harvey lurking around cemeteries, quiet spa rooms, and dark alleys for much longer.

And there you have it, folks: out of the mouths of gorgeous babes.

So dolls, do you agree with Lucy and Tyler or is there another Pretty Little Liars character you could easily do without? Do tell!