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Match the Liar with the Quote from the PLL Season Finale: “For Whom the Bells Toll”

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Last night’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars was all about shocking discoveries and scary encounters–but there were some killer lines too! If you were glued to every OMG moment of “For Whom the Bells Toll” like we were, then you’re ready to play Match the Liar with the Quote!

Here are 8 crazy quotes from the epic conclusion of PLL season one:

  1. “If that bitch is A, then this could be a trap.”
  2. “He found me, looked at me, and then got on the bus to Bastardville.”
  3. “The truth! Can you handle that?”
  4. “The guy I like likes to make movies. I thought they were just of me.”
  5. “I feel like we just came face to face with the devil–and the devil is A.”
  6. “Until today, you were the only guy who had never lied to me.”
  7. “Buckle up, bitches. Nothing is what it seems.”
  8. “It’s not over until I say it is.”

Now it’s your turn! Try to guess who said what in the comments. Then check back tomorrow to see if you’re this week’s winner.