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Pretty Little Liars Season One Finale Recap in 11 Crazy Steps!

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Don’t read this post until you’ve watched the season finale of Pretty Little Liars! It sums up the most epic PLL episode ever in eleven crazy steps!

  1. First, the Liars plugged in the flash drive they found in Ali’s Tweety lunch box and watched some of the creepy peeping Tom videos that Ian took.
  2. When creepy Ian was peeping, he filmed some uber-disturbing footage of Jenna forcing herself on Toby. Sicko!
  3. The Liars confronted Jenna about the footage, so she spilled the fact that Ali had used the video to keep Jenna quiet about the part the Liars played in blinding her.
  4. To confirm that Ian was the creepy videographer/peeper, Spencer sent him an anonymous text that simply said: “I have Ali’s videos”—and Hanna followed up by texting that he could have the vids in exchange for $10,000, delivered to a totally unsafe out-of-the-way location (Oh, silly little Liars.).
  5. The trap was set, and Ian fell for the bait. Then Emily made the mistake of telling Officer you-can-trust-me Garrett to come to the totally unsafe out-of-the-way location to arrest Ian. And, OMG—the Liars can’t trust Garrett because it turns out he’s dating creepy Jenna!
  6. When the Liars weren’t scheming to nab Ian, Aria found time to get pissed at Ezra (again!), Lucas drove to Arizona to bring Caleb back as a yet-to-be-revealed surprise for Hanna, and Spencer and Melissa got in a car accident.
  7. Spencer’s car accident kept her from meeting the other three Liars at the totally unsafe out-of-the-way location—and she instead went to Reverend Ackard’s church to look for Melissa’s missing cell phone.
  8. Somebody, probably Garrett, told Ian the Liars’ plan, so he sent a messenger to the totally unsafe out-of-the-way location in his place—which freed him up to follow Spencer to the Church.
  9. Reverend Ackard’s church has a steep and dangerous bell tower, so, of course, Spencer climbed up there when Ian was chasing her.
  10. At the top of the bell tower, Ian sort of admitted that he took the footage of Ali (by acting crazy), and then he clearly explained his plan to push Spencer to her death and make it look like she felt so guilty about killing Ali that she committed suicide.
  11. Before Ian had a chance to murder Spencer, a mysterious someone appeared and pushed Ian off the bell tower rafters first!

Did Ian kill Ali? Did A push Ian? Did falling from the bell tower kill him? By the time the cops showed up Ian’s body was missing—so we may never know!

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