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Maybe Aria Should Just Dump Ezra! Seriously, Shouldn’t She?

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We love Ezra, we really do. But the truth is, we love Aria more–and we’re starting to think she should dump Ezra asap. Even the most die hard Team Ezria fans have to admit that we’ve seen some BIG signs that they’re not necessarily meant to be. So why does Aria keep ignoring them?

  1. Their “first date” consisted of hooking up at a bar, in the middle of the day, in a bathroom–and Aria was pretty drunk. Wait--is that the answer to How I Met Your Mother?
  2. When Ezra realized that Aria was his student, his FIRST instinct (commonly known as the most authentic, logical reaction) was to drop her like a hot rock.
  3. Noel Kahn caught them hooking up in the woods, and it nearly broke them up.
  4. They worked on the school play together, and it nearly broke them up.
  5. Aria’s pretty friend Simone came to town, and she nearly broke them up.
  6. When Aria saw pics of Ezra with his ex fiancé on Facebook, her FIRST instinct was to distrust him. (See reason #2)
  7. Why’s Aria always getting to his apartment first and ordering dinner? Okay–maybe that’s not a reason, but seriously? Why can’t Ezra call for take out once in a while?
  8. Ezra thought it would be HILarious to freak Aria out by saying the police showed up at his place and he resigned. As if?
  9. Ezra’s ex caused trouble on Facebook–does Aria really need the drama Jackie’s obvs gonna cause now that she’s in Rosewood?
  10. The moment Aria saw Jackie at the door, her FIRST instinct was to run! (Yeah–see reason #2)

All right. We’ve laid out the evidence. And we SWEAR we’re only doing this ’cause we love Aria! So now it’s your turn. Do you think it’s time for Ezra and Aria to officially, finally break up for good?