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Who’s Your A Today? Vote Based on the Pretty Little Liars Season One Finale: “For Whom the Bells Toll”


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The season finale of Pretty Little Liars left us breathless! Did it leave you with any new theories? Check out today’s line up of suspects:

  1. MONA – Ripping up Caleb’s note was bad. Answering Hanna’s phone and telling Caleb to get lost was worse. But attempting to bribe Lucas into keeping her secret? That was vintage A.
  2. JENNA – She’s hated Ali and the Liars since their misfired firecracker blinded her. Plus the creepy way she used Toby kinda makes her a psycho. Isn’t “psycho” practically synonymous with A?
  3. OFFICER GARRETT – The way he spies on the Liars goes way beyond the call of duty–bordering on way too creepy. Add “Sucking face with Jenna” to his resume and he looks even guiltier.
  4. IAN – The Liars didn’t exactly check to see if Ian had a pulse. Maybe he’s not dead–he’s A! Gives a whole new meaning to the text: “It’s not over until I say it is,” right?
  5. TOBY – He said he would be there for Spencer. Was he there to push Ian from the bell tower–because he’s A?! Think about it: The Liars made Toby feel like a freak for years. Payback time?

Who’s your A today? Tell us in the comments!