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Who is A.D. on ‘Pretty Little Liars’? See The Top Fan Theories So Far



We have so many questions after the Pretty Little Liars finale, but the one we’d love an immediate response to is, “Who is A.D.?” The answer to this burning question seems like it’s going to be the crucial last piece of information to complete the “A” puzzle once and for all!

That being said, until we find out we can only play the guessing game and it seems like the genius PLL fandom is already on top of the latest mystery to hit the streets of Rosewood. Let’s take a look at the top A-moji theories then, shall we?

1.) “Another DiLaurentis” – Some fans are keeping it simple, and who can blame them? The DiLaurentis family is super shady. Given that Mary Drake is an extended relative of a clan who has lost half its members to death, a psych ward, or mysterious disappearances, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to create another sibling. (Don’t forget, we haven’t met Charlotte’s father yet so there’s that.)

Who is Mary Drake?



2.) Andrew Drake (Campbell) – We didn’t forget about you, Andrew! You were caught listening in to Hastings phone calls and your family apple farm just happened to be an A lair. Did the writers actually give us a preview of things to come when they showed us that particular lair? They did describe it as “A’s lair,” but which A? At this point though, the way things are going in Rosewood, the fact that Andrew could be related to Alison would probably be the least surprising thing that could happen on the show.

Andrew Campbell in the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 finale - full recap

Photo Credit: ABC Family


3.) Alison DiLaurentis – Preferably, I would love for this series to come full circle with its last season. The clues have been starring us in the face for so long, but we’ve looked past them because they have been way too obvious. Still, we would never put it past Ali to have a major secret up her pretty little sleeve. She may be much kinder now than ever, but we’ll never forget that beneath that sweet smiles lies a true queen bee — a master of disguise and a mad genius who ran away from home and led top detectives to believe she was dead.

alison dilaurentis shh gif - pretty little liars twin theory by Sara Shepard



4.) Ali Dee (Mona’s badge) – A Twitter follower left this little trinket in my comments section on Twitter, and my response was “ohhhhh yeah!” We totally forget that Mona Vanderwaal snuck in and out of Radley Sanitarium with an identification badge sporting the name, Ali Dee. The only other reveal that would beat Mona’s “A” reveal and let’s face it, the “Toby is A” reveal (probably still the best reveal), is that is Mona pulled it off twice. Otherwise, Mona would have a twin and all would be the best that it’s ever been in Rosewood.


What do you think? When “AD” is revealed, who will be hiding behind the mask? Share your predictions, regardless of how wild they are, in a comment below!