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Count Down to Pretty Little Liars #9: Twisted

Question: How will you get your weekly Pretty Little Liars fix now that ABC Family’s epic first season has ended?

Answer: By reading Sara Shepard’s amazing Pretty Little Liars books. You know–the ones that started it all?

The ninth book in the PLL series, Twisted, arrives on July 5th, and there’s no better way to prep for its arrival than by spending the next 14 fabulous weeks reading Sara’s first 8 PLL best-sellers with us!

Step 1: Pick up a copy of Pretty Little Liars (the first book of the series). Then, read it (or re-read it and catch all the hidden clues you may have missed the first time).

Step 2: Tune into this blog daily for the next two weeks to chat about some of your favorite moments from PLL Book #1.

Step 3: On Sunday, April 10th, join us for a live chat about PLL Book #1. We’ll announce the time and online location for the chat soon!

Whether you’ve already read all of Sara Shepard’s PLL books or you’re just getting started, will you be counting down to Twisted with us? What do you love about the books? What are you dying to know? Tell us in the comments!