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Lucy Hale Pranks Ian Harding, Josh Hutcherson and Vanessa Hudgens on Punk’d!

Lucy Hale hosts Punk'dAs Aria Montgomery on ABC Family’s hit series Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale is constantly getting maliciously outed and harassed “pranked” by Rosewood’s most psycho resident, ‘A’. So, naturally, when presented with the opportunity to pull of some harmless and humorous stunts on Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, Lucy jumped at the chance to have the tables turned. All we’re saying is that Lucy is a total sweetheart but beware because this PLL darling also happens to be a hilarious and excellent trickster! Don’t believe us? Watch a preview from Lucy’s episode of MTV’s Punk’d, and see how she pranks her on-screen love interest Ian Harding, Hunger Games cutie Josh Hutcherson, and Spring Breakers actress Vanessa Hudgens!

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Lucy Hale Punk'd Episode

  • Have no fear, the queen of Punk'd is here!

  • He may have won the Hunger Games, but the nightmares aren't over for the unsuspecting Josh Hutcherson...

  • 'I think you're being followed by someone...' Aww, Peeta!

  • Put your hands up where I can them, hot stuff!

  • LMAO at the actor/cop: 'Have you ever been arrested before, Ian? This could be a big boost, this could be a sex tape for you.'

  • Laugh now all you can, dear Vanessa, but sweet little Lucy has some priceless pranks up her sleeve.

  • Sarah Hyland's expression of extreme shock says it all.

  • Ashley Tisdale is experiencing a legit meltdown over a runaway truck.

  • Is it just us or Lucy a little too eager to get trick? ;)

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Which of Lucy’s Punk’d stunts do you think will end up being the funniest? Dish away in the comments, and tune in to MTV on Thursday April 26th to catch Lucy Hale in full pranking mode!