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Unbelievable: A New Love Interest for Emily Fields?

In Perfect, Emily’s mom catches her locking lips with Maya so, in Unbelievable, her parents send her to Iowa to stay with her uber conservative relatives, the Weavers. Although her living situation in Addams is stifling, Emily finds a silver lining in the form of Trista.

Trista is tall, white-blonde, athletic and totally flirtatious with Emily. Emily finds herself drawn to Trista’s energetic and coy self, but there’s a major snag: Emily and Maya are still happily together. Still, Emily experiences some major second thoughts about her involvement with Maya.

Do you think that Maya and Emily are great for each other and that they should aim for a long-distance relationship, or do you think Emily should change things up now that she’s moved to the Midwest?  Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a big relationship decision just like Emily? How did you deal with it?