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Unbelievable secrets will be unveiled and you’re invited! RSVP to Chat About Pretty Little Liars Book #4!

If you’ve missed the first three TweetChats in our countdown to #PLLTwisted, don’t worry! On May 8th at 8PM EST / 5PM PST you’ll have another chance to get in on all the excitement! The TweetChat will focus on PLL Book #4: Unbelievable, so pick up a copy today and get ready for some Unbelievable drama to unravel:

More reasons to read Unbelievable:

1. Just when she thinks the situation can’t get any worse, Aria finds out that Meredith is hiding a BIG secret.

2. Emily is sent to Iowa to stay with  conservative relatives. But she meets Trista and things start to heat up…

3. Spencer continues on in the Golden Orchid competition but a winning essay won’t save her when things get dangerous.

4. Hanna is now in the hospital and closer to “A” than she realizes.

Which Liar’s storyline makes you want to read Unbelievable the most? Tell us in the comments!

If you’re still trying to figure out HOW to TweetChat, it’s easy! Here’s how:

1. Create a Twitter account.

2. Make sure you’ve logged into your Twitter account and remain logged in for the chat.

3. Go to this TweetChat page:

4. Look for the Login link at the center of the page, where it says “Hide / Login /Logout.”

5. When it says “Allow to access” click “Allow.”

6. Over the right-hand column, where it says “your_username_here” type in your Twitter account username (without the @). You’ll then see your tweets and any tweets directed to you in this column.

7. During the chat on Sunday night, only @LittleLiars and @SaraBooks’ tweets will appear in the center column. Everyone else’s tweets will appear in the left-hand column.

8. To respond to PLL questions or ask a question of your own during the chat, enter your tweets in the box at the top of the page where it says: Tweet