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Unbelievable: The Bonds of Sisterhood

Photo credits: ABC Family

Having a sister usually means you’ve got a best friend for life–someone you can confide in, laugh with and seek sound advice from. Sisterhood is amazing…unless of course your name is Spencer Hastings.

In Unbelievable, after the whole Golden Orchid dilemma, Mr. and Mrs. Hastings try to make Melissa and Spencer bond. Unfortunately, their relationship is strained (as usually happens when one sister tries to take the other one’s boyfriend and then plagiarizes her econ essay) so hanging out and conversing with each other is awkward.

Even Spencer acknowledges it at the Rosewood Country Club, when Mona informs her that Melissa said her picture was in Sunday’s paper. Spencer, a tad shocked, states, “I’m just surprised Melissa said something nice about me, is all.” When Mona presses her for further details, Spencer responds, “We’re not the best of friends.

Do you find it odd that Melissa and Spencer don’t get along at all, even though they’re sisters? Leave your best sisterly advice on how they can mend their relationship in the comments!

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