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Countdown to Season 2: “Reality Bites Me,” ep.105 Recap!

Photo Credit: ABC Family

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars returns on June 14th with more spooky A action. Brush up on all the juicy details of season one as you count down to the season two premiere with us. Today’s recap is of episode 105, “Reality Bites Me.” (FYI: “Reality” is NOT a vampire.)

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 105:

  1. Just as things cool down between Emily and Maya, in pops lab partner Toby. We’re not sure what they’re doing can be classified as flirting (very awkward if so) but their friendship is pretty adorable (in that “lesbian meets reportedly deranged teen” way). They bond over late-night studying and a small indie band called Circa Survive. (Someone PLEASE hose these two wild kids down.) The catch is that no one can know, so Emily stands up Toby at the coffee shop. Then, in typical Emily fashion, she feels extremely guilty (the CD mix Toby made her doesn’t help ease her guilt either.)
  2. Hanna receives some interesting photos via instant messenger from A and she doesn’t know how to react. The pics are of Maya and Emily smooching in the photo booth, and Hanna is shocked. If Maya and Emily’s canoodling wasn’t obvious to Hanna before, it’s impossible to ignore now. Hanna isn’t sure how to confront Emily about it, so she focuses on tracking a tube of Jungle Red Lipstick back to A instead.
  3. Aria and Ezra decide that a streak of good makeout sessions is reason enough to celebrate with a public date, so he invites her to his reading at a local pub. (Don’t any bars in Rosewood card?) She meets his drunken roommate Hartie. She makes an astute comment about a metaphor. They all laugh and get along. Overall, Aria feels she has this date in the bag. However, Hartie, even after one too many beers, tells Ezra point-blank–the girl’s way too young, pal. Naturally, Ezra freaks out. Then he freaks out even more when he spies the nasty text A sent Aria about her schoolteacher lust.
  4. Hanna, bored by her lukewarm relationship with Sean, joins the Chastity Club with him. Turns out Chastity Club is a yawn and a half, so she finds a new activity–Operation Stalk Jenna!  Hanna is determined to prove that Jenna is A (because Jenna is the only girl in Rosewood who wears bright, red lipstick) and begins following her. She soon discovers some unbelievable secrets about the blind Cavanaugh–including that Jenna visits a psychotherapist! (We can’t imagine why–the girl abruptly lost her eyesight after a freak firework incident. No biggie.)
  5. Spencer feels slightly violated. After all, A smeared on her mirror (do you know how hard it is to get lipstick streaks off of glass?) and hid out in her closet. She needs to get her mind off it all, so she eagerly accepts her dad’s invite to play tennis at the Rosewood Country Club. But Mr. Hastings isn’t in it to win it–in fact, asks Spencer to stop playing so damn well and to throw the game so his potential client can win. Not all is lost though because Spencer chats up a country club cutie named Alex. Why she had to ruin her own fun by breaking the news of her Golden Orchid plagiarism to her dad is beyond us…

Big Ta-da Moment: The girls are freaked out by A’s lipstick note on Spencer’s mirror. They think the situation can’t get any creepier than this, but A loves a challenge and sends Hanna a text. Of what? A video recording of them freaking out over the message! (It seems like A has been jotting down horror tactics from Scream, and hiding out in closets is one of them.)

What was the most shocking moment of episode 105, “Reality Bites”? You tell us! Also, would you ever fess up to your parents about a huge mistake (i.e. Spencer telling her dad that she plagiarized her essay)?