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Countdown to Season 2: “The Homecoming Hangover,” ep.107 Recap!

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ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars returns on June 14th–and, until then, you’re cordially invited to brush up on Rosewood’s most recent nightmares with us. Today we recap “The Homecoming Hangover.” (There’s no cure for A!)

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 107:

Emily’s a-okay–which we realize after Toby takes the “I don’t want any more trouble” approach and (literally) drops her off at the ER before vrooming away. Emily’s homecoming is memorable: She runs away from her dangerous date, gets a concussion, is harassed by a Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit wannabe cop, receives a threat-o-gram directly from Jenna Return My Files or I’ll Whoop You With My Cane” Cavanaugh, has a heart to heart with Mayaand wins the Toyota from the carnival raffle. Wow-ee! (Oh, and don’t forget the tiny cut on her face–you’d think Voldemort hexed her with the way everyone keeps carrying on about it.)

Hanna’s on a roll in this episode. Somehow, she manages to keep her queen-worthy hair and makeup intact for morning-after homecoming yearbook photos with Sean. (And, when Sean has a diva meltdown during the photo shoot, she tells him off as though she had a list of original disses memorized for this moment.) She visits Emily in the hospital and proves what a wonderful friend she is by encouraging Emily to follow her heart when it come s to Maya. Best of all, she makes nice with geek cutie Lucas and enjoys a laugh with him over a snowboarding turkey YouTube video. (If turkeys can snowboard, then homecoming queens can date the class geek…just sayin’.)

Spencer wants to fix things with Alex so she asks him for another shot. He reluctantly agrees, but only if the date is on his terms. When he cancels due to work commitments, she thinks he hates her and visits him at the country club (because what guy really enjoy is being smothered). Turns out…he’s is working (duh, Spencer) and making fruit kebabs. Spencer decides to join in because nothing spells sexy more than piercing fruit with a sharp-ended stick. Everything is rolling along splendidly, until Spencer decides to grab something out of the kitchen and spots her Sharpie defaced photo (relax, Spence, they are not real horns…unless you know something we don’t) on what is called the Bitch Board. She runs out upset because she can dish it out but can never seem to take it. However, some spontaneous pulsating Latin music lures her back into the kitchen where Alex heats up her world with suavemente moves and a flawless smooch.

Aria has beef to clear with Ezra–what else is new? He tells her that she’s not mature enough sometimes (which makes us wonder why he’s with her in the first place if not for intense literary discussions) and she’s upset because she overhears a message on his answering machine and discovers that he’s interviewing for jobs outside of Rosewood. (How dare you keep secrets from a liar, Ezra!) We do feel bad for her though–Ezra drama aside–her parents have separated, little brother Mike is fighting at school, and Sean makes her feel extra awkward by sending her flowers (“Real Love Waits”…for your girlfriend’s best friend? Uh-uh. Playa play on.)

The Liars (without Emily, because her head is all bandaged up–how convenient) venture out into the middle of the woods (without heels this time) to burn Jenna’s files (the Very Bradey Sequel ones that reveal her tryst with step-brother Toby). (Oh no! Forest fires don’t happen to pretty girls, so by all means go ahead.) Spencer and Hanna start squabbling about what to do–Spencer wants to wait; Hanna doesn’t want to get in trouble. Aria is sick of the fighting in her life so she grabs the file and tosses all its contents into the nearby stream. (Doesn’t she understand about basic density laws?) Not a smart move on her part because their stalker goes a-fishin’ for some secrets and pulls the papers from the water.

Big Ta-da Moment: The girls receive a text from A saying, “Thanks for getting rid of Toby.” They freak out (as do we).  Is Toby really dead?

Psst…did you spot PLL author Sara Shepard in this episode?

Tell us what you think is the BIGGEST shocker from “The Homecoming Hangover.”