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May 29th Is Going to Be Killer! RSVP to Chat About Pretty Little Liars Book #6!

If you’ve missed the first five Tweet chats in our countdown to PLL Book 9: Twisted, don’t worry! On Sunday, May 29th at 8PM EST / 5PM PST you’ll have another chance to chat about all the fiery revelations in Sara Shepard’s sixth Pretty Little Liars book: Killer. Pick up a copy of PLL Book 6: Killer today and read it in time for the next chat so you can ask @SaraBooks all about it.

Here are some questions to ponder while you’re reading Killer:

1. Kate and Hanna fight over lots of things. Which of these wicked step-sisters would you least like to be related to and why?

2. Emily gets to know Isaac a whole lot better. Did she rush into her relationship with him?

3. Aria’s crush on Jason DiLaurentis is rekindled and he likes her too. Should she trust Ali‘s brother?

4. Andrew tells Spencer that she may be moving too fast with her New York City plans. Should Spencer heed his advice?

5. Hanna suddenly notices how cute Mike is. If you were Aria, how would you feel about Hanna hooking up with your younger brother?

6. Spencer receives a text from Ian, who she thought was dead! Do you hope Ian resurfaces on TV the way he does in Killer?

7. Mike takes Hanna out on a date. Is he a great catch for Hanna or a typical Rosewood jerk?


8. Hanna spots Wilden acting shady outside the Cavanaughs’ house. Do you think he’s a good guy, a bad guy, or something in between?

9. Emily loves Isaac, but no relationship is perfect. Are the issues between them a sign that they’re not meant to be?

10.  A fire in the woods frightens the Liars. Is Ali’s killer still out there?


Do you have any other questions about Killer? Post them in the comments!

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