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Pretty Little Liars Playlist: Songs from Episode 1.03, “To Kill A Mocking Girl”

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Pretty Little Liars episode 3  featured loads of OMG moments, including the discovery of one of Alison’s friendship bracelets in the middle of the woods. Spookalicious moments deserve a memorable soundtrack, and episode 3 delivered the perfect tunes. Check out this week’s Pretty Little Playlist and start your Monday off right with song from “To Kill A Mocking Girl”:

  1. One Kiss Don’t Make a Summer” by Lucky Soul: Plays while Mona proves just how annoying she is  by harassing poor Hanna about her lack of sexy time with Sean.
  2. Cool Enough” by Nicole Atkins: Plays when Spencer decides to plagiarize Melissa’s history paper for the Golden Orchid award–bad move, great song.
  3. What You Wanted Me To Do” by s.o.stereo: Plays when Sean rejects Hanna’s advances at the party and emphasizes, yet again, how true love waits.

Which track from “To Kill A Mocking Girl” did you absolutely love? Recommend one of YOUR favorite songs in the comments!