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Exclusive Peek at PLL Book 9: Twisted!

If you’re following Sara Shepard on twitter (@sarabooks) then you’ve already had an exclusive sneak-peek at the prologue of PLL Book 9: Twisted. For those PLL fans who haven’t, we have a special treat (just call it a jump-start to your Memorial Day vacay).

Here’s the first part of the Twisted prologue:

Have you ever known someone with nine lives? Like that daredevil who broke several bones in his body last summer but somehow led his team in goals this lacrosse season. Or the two-faced girl who sat next to you in geometry—even though she cheated on tests and backstabbed her friends, the bitch always landed gracefully on her feet. Mrow.

Relationships can have nine lives, too—how about the boyfriend you fought and made up with for two years straight? Or the conniving BFF you forgave again and again? She was never truly dead to you, was she? But maybe it would be better if she was.
Four pretty girls from Rosewood find themselves faced with an old frenemy they thought had gone up in flames—literally. But they should know by now that nothing in Rosewood is ever really over. In fact, some long-lost besties live on to get exactly what they want.


Wow. Sounds like the Liars are in for one very scary ride in Twisted. What do you think of Twisted so far? Tell us in the comments–and check back for more excerpts from the Twisted prologue soon!