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Countdown to Season 2: “Careful What U Wish 4,” ep.114 recap!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "Careful What U Wish 4" - The Rosewood High dance-a-thon brings about surprises and suspicions for the Liars. (© ABC FAMILY/CRAIG SJODIN) ASHLEY BENSON

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars series returns on June 14th. Until then, we’re recapping every juicy secret from Season 1. Are you ready for ep. 114 “Careful What U Wish 4”? Here we go . . .

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 114:

  1. Aria’s old babysitter Simone is back in town, but Aria is less than thrilled to see her. (Chick fight much?) Aria’s “Jealousy Journey” begins when her mom Ella gets a “genius” idea to set Simone up with another writer who’s also a handsome “bachelor.” It just so happens that Ezra Fitz fits those exact credentials and Simone is really into the idea of dating Aria’s main (secret) squeeze. All’s well though in Ezria land because Ezra has his eyes on one (little) girl only and it’s Aria. Woohoo!
  2. Rosewood High hosts a fundraiser. Is it for cancer research, to restock a local shelter, or contribute to a political campaign? Nope. These kids have their priorities straight so that’s why the money’s going towards…a D.C. class trip. Poor Hanna can’t afford the high trip fee though and decides to trade her pride and decency in for some Benjamins. Cha-ching! A sponsors Hanna’s trip by offering her considerable cash for each dance with Lucas. (Sort of like Julia Roberts’s situation in Pretty Woman except there was no nookie involved and Hanna looked miserable)
  3. Ultimately, Hanna manages to ruin everyone’s evening when she succumbs to Operation Make Hanna Look Bitchier Than Alison–brought to you by A, of course. Lucas ends up with a broken heart and Sean (dressed up in an unfortunate ensemble consisting of a checkered shirt and vest) cuts Hanna off for good. Hope D.C. ends up being the trip of a lifetime, Hannakins.
  4. Emily misses the sound of Maya’s voice, but that darn juvie camp has blocked Emily’s digits. She’s aching for her curly-haired cutie so she pays long-haired brooder Caleb to override the block on her phone. Caleb’s phone expertise would put a Verizon rep to shame and he accomplishes Emily’s goal (a little too easily it seems). Unfortunately, when Emily calls Maya to catch up, Maya sounds less than thrilled to hear from her. And what’s a Rosewood girl to do when she’s down in the dumps? Sip from her bff Hanna’s flask, of course!  The night’s not a total waste for wasted Emily though, because the Wizard finally grants her courage and she tells Hanna off for toying with Lucas.
  5. Spencer’s laptop is stolen. (We’re not shocked considering how she left the incriminating video of Ian paused on her screen while Ian waltzed around the kitchen making popcorn.) Luckily, her computer “magically” reappears, but before she can get too excited, Spencer realizes that Ali’s murder video was deleted off of her computer. In its place is a photo of Ali taken by a creepster on the night she disappeared. Spookalicious!

The Big Ta-da: We witness Ella talking to A at the dance’s coat check; she wishes him/her a good night and she hands over a leather jacket and really large leather gloves. Is this a clue in terms of A’s identity? Do the Liars know A? (Ahh! So close yet so far.)

Do you think Hanna acted like a total jerk or was she just doing what she needed to? What was the biggest OMG moment from PLL ep 114, “Careful What U Wish 4”? Tell us in the comments.