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Countdown to Season 2: “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again,” ep.115 recap!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again" - "A" turns up the heat when he/she tries to turn one Liar against another."(© ABC FAMILY / RANDY HOLMES) SHAY MITCHELL, LINDSEY SHAW

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars series returns on June 14th. Until then, we’re recapping every juicy secret from Season 1. Are you ready for ep. 115, “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again”? Not the best advice but desperate times call for desperate measures!

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 115:

  1. Remember how Mommy Marin swiped an old woman’s deposit box money? Well, granny is back and ready to get baller with all those Benjamins. The only catch is that A still has a large sum of that money and in order to retrieve the rest of it (and prevent mama dukes from getting tossed in the slammer) Hanna has to complete yet another demeaning task. (Is it just us or is A a little too Hanna obsessed?) What’s A’s asking price this time? Give Aria’s mom, Ella, a ticket to the same Philly art show Aria and Ezra are attending so she can catch her underage daughter tonguing her much older English teacher. Yikes!
  2. For someone who’s keen on staying fit and not returning to her “Hefty” ways, Hanna sure skips gym class a lot. Playing hooky lands her in detention, along with Rosewood’s residential bad-boy Caleb. Somehow, during the hour long session, she manages to reveal all her life secrets including her Bieber fever and how she wants to take the ticket back from Ella. Thankfully, Caleb is not only a handy phone hacker, but he is also a professional mechanic and he rigs Ella’s engine to prevent her from driving it to the art show. Ella’s car problems lead to a run-in with Byron, which leads to a heartfelt confession session, which leads to a make-out session, which means that Ezria is safe for now. Phew!
  3. Emily is almost over Maya. She channels any lingering sadness into a competitive edge, which she uses to break a couple of swim meet records. Unfortunately, her teammate Paige is not happy for her and her impeccable breaststroke, and jealousy leads to a homophobic slur. Obviously upset from all the hatin’, Emily unloads on the Liars and Spencer, who is the poster child for anti-bullying, runs off to report Paige. This lands Emily in deadly waters…well, almost. The swim coach confronts Paige and Emily about the homophobic remark and Em brushes it off–because she’s too nice for her own good. Later, as she’s doing laps in the pool, someone shoves her head underwater and holds it there. Is it A? (Nope. A prefers drowning our Liars with fright and misery, not actual water.) It’s green-with-envy Paige! Either the girl really loves training her teammates in adverse conditions or she’s a complete whack job. Umm…
  4. Emily, officially annoyed with Paige (typical reaction towards someone who tries to drown you), wants nothing to do with her or the swim team spirit bracelet that Paige gave her. However, super sleuth Spencer recognizes the bracelet and it helps her figure out that the duplicate bracelet A used to spook the Liars was purchased at a local jewelry store. Good news–the elderly clerk actually has the buyer’s name on hand. Bad news–the bracelet was purchased by someone named Spencer Hastings. (At this point, Spencer probably wants to keel over–not only is she being stalked by crazy A, and has to live in the same house as Alison’s supposed killer Ian, but now someone’s also trying to frame her for murder.)
  5. So, turns out that Ashley and Hannakins had nothing to worry about! In the most convenient circumstance ever, the old woman who was supposed to come in and collect her deposit box cash is rushed to the hospital and dies. Could this be the handiwork of the ever elusive A? All we know is that Hanna is doing a happy dance. Now her mom won’t be arrested and the Marin girls can go on living their faux rich lives.

The Big Ta-Da: Last episode, Spencer discovered a photo of Alison taken on the night she disappeared. There’s a shadow following closely behind Ali in the picture and the shadow belongs to Spencer! Unable to handle anymore lies and secrets, Spencer confesses what went down between herself and Alison that tragic summer night. No, Spencer did not kill Ali, but she did wish her bestie dead in the midst of a chick fight. The Liars reassure Spencer that it’s alright, but then they notice someone glaring at them from his window…. Alison’s older bro, Jason. Creeptastic!

Do you think A had anything to do the with the old woman’s death or was it just a pure coincidink that she died so suddenly? What was the biggest OMG moment from PLL ep 115, “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again”? Tell us in the comments.