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June 12th Is Going to Be A Heartless Day! RSVP to Chat About Pretty Little Liars Book #7!

If you’ve missed the first six Tweet chats in our countdown to PLL Book 9: Twisted, don’t worry! On Sunday, June 12th at 8PM EST / 5PM PST you’ll have another chance to chat about all the unforgettable moments in Sara Shepard’s sixth Pretty Little Liars book: Heartless. Pick up a copy of PLL Book 7: Heartless today and read it in time for the next chat so you can ask @SaraBooks all about it.

Here are some questions to ponder while you’re reading Heartless:

1. The girls suspect Detective Wilden of blazing up the forest. If they can’t count on the cops, who can the Liars turn to?

2. Spencer’s parents reveal some shocking news about her origins. Can she ever forgive them for acting like total jerks towards her?

3. At A’s request, Emily becomes Amish for a day and befriends a girl named Lucy. These two girls may come from different worlds, but what do they have in common?

4. Aria attends a seance with Noel Kahn and the medium has some interesting insight about Ali’s murder. What does the medium reveal to Aria?

5. With Spencer spending so much quality time with her parentals, Melissa’s no longer the golden child. Who will win this round of sibling rivalry?

6. Mike reveals to Aria that Noel’s crushing on her. Is Noel’s love for real?

7. Hanna is sent to a facility and her new roommate Iris is the epitome of cool, but…she’s sort of mean. Will Hanna continue her queen b ways at the facility or is she ready for a fresh start?

8. Emily experiences mixed emotions about A and doesn’t want to believe that A is truly evil. Does Em have a point or should she be warier of A than ever before?

9. Aria suspects Jenna Cavanaugh knows more about Ali than she’s letting on. Is Jenna in danger of knowing too much for her own good?

10. The Liars claim to have run into Ali while trying to escape from the burning woods. Can they convince anyone to believe them?

Do you have other questions about Heartless? Post them in the comments!

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