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Pretty Little Fan Bites: “It’s Alive”

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "It's Alive" - With all eyes in Rosewood looking at Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, the girls are forced to seek help. (ABC FAMILY/DANNY FELD) TROIAN BELLISARIO, LUCY HALE, ANNABETH GISH, SHAY MITCHELL, ASHLEY BENSON

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 kicked off to a creep-a-licious start–leaving us delightfully shocked and more confused about A’s identity than ever! We searched the blogosphere to see what other fans are saying about the mind-blowing season 2 premiere and we found a lot of strong reactions.

Here are some of our fave blogger comments about “It’s Alive“:

  1. Priscilla Rodriguez over at “Jenna somehow has this hold over people that we don’t really understand. When we thought at one point Garrett was really out to help Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna by pulling them out of the cop car to talk, it really ends up looking like he was doing it so Jenna could hear their convo. Did you guys notice her? She looked all stalkerish in that little corner.”
  2. Ryan Gajewski over at “Melissa has apparently taken a chill pill and apologizes to Spencer. Spencer is still convinced that Ian is dead, and Melissa is now inclined to believe her; Melissa doesn’t think Ian would skip town, since he was looking forward to raising their baby and naming it Taylor (which seems like a way-too-cute name for a hellspawn, but that’s just us).”
  3. Jacob Clifton over at Television without Pity: “Emily is dressed to the nines, sitting in bed, watching the video of Jenna [forcing herself] on her brother for the one millionth time, because… I have no idea why she’s watching it, I guess to get us up to speed about how Ian knew that Jenna was molesting her brother and thus has her own interest in keeping Spencer and Toby apart, given that the Liars don’t know she’s dating Garrett and still don’t trust her, or vice versa. Anyway, way to be creepy Em.”

If you had to describe “It’s Alive” in only three  words, what would they be?