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Pretty Little Liars: Buried Secrets on “The Goodbye Look”


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched “The Goodbye Look.”

Was it just our imagination or did everyone seem like a suspect on tonight’s tense episode of Pretty Little Liars? From Toby calling Rosewood a town full of “monsters” to Melissa being overly possessive about her phone, we didn’t know who to trust.

Of course, what shocked us most was Jason DiLaurentis’s sketchy behavior. When the Liars spot him tearing up his front yard late at night, he claims that he’s been replanting all day and building a fence for privacy. However, it actually looks like he’s digging around for something specific–something so important that it forced him to move back to Rosewood and buy the house at which his sister was murdered.

It’s hard not to assume that Jason has an ulterior motive, especially after we’re made privy to one of Spencer’s memories of Alison, in which Ali confesses that she stole something from her brother’s room and that she hides things around the yard. Also, the adorable dog that Jason initially chased away with a newspaper returns at the end of the episode to continue digging up the same spot.

Oh, and was it pure coincidence that A showed up at that exact moment to distract the dog from digging (with a creepy massage)? We think not.

So what dark, little secret is buried in the DiLaurentis’s front yard? Is A looking for the same thing as Jason–or are Jason and A one in the same? Leave us YOUR thoughts in the comments!