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Snark Snacks: Pretty Little Liars Caption Contest for Episode 2.03, “My Name is Trouble”

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "My Name Is Trouble" - Wherever four pretty little liars go, trouble always seems to find them. -- Tuesday, June 28th (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). (ABC FAMILY/ADAM ROSE) KEEGAN ALLEN

It’s PLL photos such as the one above, that help us understand why the seemingly perfect Spencer Hastings defies her parents, puts up with nosy stares from neighbors and classmates, and sneaks around Rosewood…all to date renowned outsider Toby Cavanaugh. After all, a guy that’s packing that many abs is well worth a bad rep or two.

So what exactly is Mr. Toby “My Body is So Chiseled It Can Cut You” Cavanaugh doing in this scene from PLL episode 2.03, “My Name is Trouble,” and where did his shirt go? Moreover, is that Jason DiLaurentis staring at him? If so, what’s he up to? YOU tell us. Preview the image carefully and leave your snarkiest caption in the comments.

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Our team of PLL experts will select the best one and announce the winner on Wednesday.

*Update:  The comments made us laugh like crazy (not crazier than A though). You guys are hilarious!  We finally broke it down to two captions.

1. First winner is ME who wrote: “Toby: What do you want, you mop-headed idiot?”

2. Second caption winner is ELENA who wrote:

Toby : (notices Jason) “Need something?”
Jason: “Just making sure that the fence is high enough.”
Toby: “Oh, trying to keep something out?”
Jason: “No. I’m trying to keep something in…”
Then Jason walks away, leaving Toby stunned…