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Pretty Little Liars: Rosewood Gets A Surprise Visitor in Episode 1.03, “My Name is Trouble”


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched “My Name is Trouble.”

Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars episode 2.03 has left us spooked beyond words. Between the late-night winds hissing at Spencer’s shutters and A stalking the Liars from within the confines of their homes, we feared the worst.

So what was tonight’s biggest shocker? Jenna Cavanaugh taking the same art class as Aria Montgomery? Spencer Hastings pawning big sister Melissa’s wedding ring? Jason DiLaurentis offering Toby Cavanaugh (his sister’s rumored killer) a job? No, no and no. The great surprise tonight arrived in the form of a dashing British doctor…Wren Kim!

We made lots of predictions based on the trailer and promo photos for “My Name is Trouble” but the return of Melissa’s ex-fiance didn’t even cross our minds. We thought Wren was a thing of the past–just a sleazeball who had messed with Spencer, broke Melissa’s heart, and then disappeared for good. We guessed wrong, because Wren is very much alive…and possibly in cahoots with Mel.

In a nutshell, here’s how Wren’s cameo went down:

Growing more and more suspicious of Melissa, the Liars stage a stakeout and spy on Mel’s every move. When Melissa exits the house late at night, they follow her to the Hastings’ driveway and hide behind some bushes. Melissa looks like she’s waiting for someone and, sure enough, a car pulls up beside her and out climbs…Wren! He walks briskly to the trunk of his car, removes a large paper bag, glances around nervously and hands it to Melissa. Melissa takes it and thanks him. Wren gets back into his car and drives away, and Melissa hurries back home.

OMFG! Is Wren the mystery person Melissa’s been meeting up with? Or is he simply supplying Mel with medical necessities for Ian, such as painkillers and bandages? Leave YOUR predictions in the comments!