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Pretty Little Liars Recap – “Surface Tension”: Season 2, Episode 7


Last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode was like a twisted PSA for awkward moments. Whether we were watching new roomies struggling to co-exist, guys vying for a pretty girl’s attention, or a dad cornering his daughter’s boyfriend, we felt great discomfort. (And, naturally, a refreshing sense of fear!) Ready to recap the OMG moments from “Surface Tension”?

Top OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 2.07:

  1. Now that Pam has temporarily relocated to Texas, Emily moves into the Marin home. However, it isn’t easy living with a gal who enjoys impromptu karaoke performances and endless chit-chat. Emily cherishes Hanna’s friendship but she’s starting to realize that there’s no room for friends when it comes to schoolwork. Worse yet, A knows that Em’s moved in and sent her and Hanna a “thank you for making it easier for me, bitches” gift basket. (Shucks, A, you shouldn’t have!)
  2. Toby Cavanaugh finally lands a job! And, to avoid the whole “getting fired on the day he’s hired” scenario, he gets cracking on his tasks. While clearing the Hastings’ property, Toby expects to develop blisters, encounter some pesky insects, and to do plenty of heavy lifting. However, what he didn’t expect was to unearth a potential murder weapon (aka broken field hockey stick) on his very first day. (Oh, and to have Mr. Hastings pop out of nowhere and nervously whisk it away? Toby definitely wasn’t expecting that!)
  3. The Montgomery fam hosts what will probably go down in PLL history as the most awkward dinner party ever. Not only did Ella unknowingly cause quite the dilemma by inviting two of Aria’s love interests (Ezra Fitz and Jason DiLaurentis) to the get-together, but the party was also cut short by the Rosewood PD. Nope–Aria’s parents and the Hollis professors weren’t acting rambunctious or disrupting the neighborhood peace. Rather, young Mike decided to skip dessert and polish the day off with some breaking and entering.  (Damn. They didn’t even get to serve the main course–whatta waste!)

The Big Ta-da: It was a cross between (apparently) poisoning Emily and Aria discovering that Officer Garrett is in cahoots with JennaAy caramba!

And because we heart ABC Family Tuesdays, we’re listing the Top OMG moments from episode 1.07 of The Nine Lives of Chloe King as well!


  1. A mysterious guy is lurking around Varese Vintage. Chloe mistakes him for a homeless teen and offers him a cookie and coffee. Before he can bite right into all that oatmeal raisin yumminess, Alek and Jasmine burst through the door and begin chasing him. Turns out, he’s not so helpless –unless you consider Jackals, with razor sharp fangs (and rank stench according to Alek), innocent creatures.
  2. Chloe promises to help Kai safely return to his clan of Jackals. But, upon leading him back home, Chloe walks her friends and herself straight into a trap. Immediately, it becomes apparent that Kai has double-crossed them and, while trying to save Paul and Amy, beastly Jackals corner Chloe and try to kill her. Fortunately, Alek springs out of nowhere and comes to the rescue. Bad move. The largest member of the jackal pack begins beating on poor Alek, pounding his face in mercilessly and tossing him against concrete walls. Just as Alek nears the brink of death, Chloe drops the scared girl act and goes all Mai vixen on the Jackal’s ass–but ultimately shows him compassion and spares his life. You go girl!
  3. The biggest shocker for us though from “Dogs of War,” was Chloe and Alek’s kiss. It was so perfect and felt so right to have these two Mai leaders uniting forces romantically. (We totally swooned!)

(Recap the rest of “Dogs of War” HERE.)

Two amazing, back-to-back hours of non-stop suspense. What were your favorite OMG moments from last night’s episodes of Pretty Little Liars and/or The Nine Lives of Chloe King? Tell us in the comments!