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Learn How to Play THE LYING GAME to Win!

Are you ready to play THE LYING GAME with bestselling author Sara Shepard? Every weekday, starting Tuesday, 8/16, we’ll announce the location of a new LYING GAME video quiz starring Sara. Tweet the correct answers to Sara’s video quiz questions about NEVER HAVE I EVER and the ABC Family premiere of THE LYING GAME to @LyingGame on Twitter and you could be one of five lucky winners each day! Prizes include an amazing LYING GAME poster and signed copies of Sara Shepard’s bestselling LYING GAME and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS books.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Follow @LyingGame on Twitter to find out where a new video is hidden each day!
  2. Watch the video and write down Sara Shepard’s two LYING GAME questions.
  3. Before midnight PST on the day each video is posted, Tweet your answers to that day’s 2 video questions to @LyingGame. Use the hashtag #LyingGame in your tweet for your chance to win!
  4. @LyingGame will direct message winners and award 5 prizes per day. You must be following @LyingGame on Twitter so you can be contacted.

You’ll find the official rules for THE LYING GAME tweetstakes here. Got any questions about how to play THE LYING GAME? Post them in the comments!