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9 Insane Uber A Theories That Actually Make Sense

Uber A clues


Who is Uber A on Pretty Little Liars? Well, let’s be honest here: Nearly every person who has ever stepped foot in Rosewood, PA has and will be a suspect at this point. There is not a single character on this show who hasn’t done something sketchy, illegal, or straight up evil.

That being said, there’s such a large pool of candidates to choose from, it actually inspires some wild yet amazingly unique fan theories. Take a look at  a few of our favorite ones right below!

1.) Sabrina


This chick shows up everywhere. Whether she’s dosing Spencer’s gummy bears and inadvertently getting Toby high or witnessing Emily have a meltdown at the Hollis Medical Center ATM, Sabrina’s been popping up a lot since we met her in 6B. It’s a little reminiscent of Charlotte, no? Cece used to just happen to be in the right place at the right time constantly. Spencer needs to get her college app in ASAP? Cece appears out of nowhere and has a contact in admissions. Emily can’t pay for parking? Oh, here’s Sabrina to the save the day. And like Charlotte, she’s slowly making her way into the Liar crew. Dating Emily is a great way to get a ticket to the Liar Club. Instagram user @a.pll.chick also points out that Sabrina is always at the brew which is great place to be if you want to eavesdrop on some Liar business.

2.) Lucas Gottesman


Whether he’s buying an abandoned factory, not at all concerned about his house almost blowing up and entire bridal shower, or “away on business” you never really feel like you can fully trust Lucas. He has absolutely no problem lying to the police for Hanna, but that doesn’t rule him out as a major Uber A suspect. There have been plenty of times where their anonymous tormentor has helped only to hurt them even more deeply in the end. The Tumlbr account Lucas is Uber A also brings up the point that Uber A loves technology and has to be super rich to pull off everything they’ve done. Hmm…who do we know that loves gadgets and has enough money to have several homes, cars, and a robot loft?

3.) Byron Montgomery


First of all he’s pretty terrifying. Who sits in the dark in their own living room waiting for their adult daughter to come so he can announce his plans to marry her mother again? Byron, that’s who. After he scares Aria and everyone else who watched that scene to death, he then makes a b-line straight for the fire poker and proceeds to play with it while he’s supposedly delivering good news.  We’ve also seen evidence of his temper with Meredith and with Alison when she’s blackmailing him. Byron is another guy who takes a lot mysterious business trips and disappears for days at a time. Especially when something particularly insane is going on in Rosewood. The excellent sleuths over at also noticed Byron’s handwriting looks a lot like penmanship in Ian’s suicide note and we know that Ian didn’t actually kill himself.

4.) Ashley Marin

We already know Ashley Marin is capable of just about anything. She runs over a police officer (out of fear for her life, but still), she robs a bank, and survives a short stint in prison like a champ. We know she can access money pretty easily both at her old job at the bank and in her new job at the Radley. Not to mention the fact that she has total access to the Radley in general, maybe to plant Mary Drake’s file in the basement or to murder a certain shower loving snooper? People who could jeopardize Ashley’s safety and freedom have a way of disappearing, too. Mrs. Potter, the old woman whose money Ashely “borrowed” conveniently died right before she was supposed to come in for an appointment and find out a big chunk of her cash was missing. Hmm…

5.) Yvonne Phillips


Yvonne very obviously doesn’t care for Spencer or the other Liars encroaching on her quality time with Officer Toby. She’s less than enthusiastic about her fiancé helping them constantly and she’s not exactly hiding her distaste anymore. Also, someone in her mother’s campaign has to be a pretty good hacker because how else did they get Veronica Hastings’ medical records? For once it doesn’t seem like we can pin that one on Mona. The crew over at The Odyssey Online also make a strong argument noting that a lot of sinister things started happening when Spence and Yvonne got their election packets about each other.

6.) Toby Cavanaugh

What if Toby has been playing a really, really long con? We know he joined the A-Team a long time ago so he could supposedly protect Spencer, but what if that was all just a cover? Toby certainly has motive. He was bullied by Alison and the Liars relentlessly when they were teenagers. He definitely has means, especially now that he’s joined the Rosewood PD. Even before that though he stopped going to high school with the Liars giving him plenty of spare time to plot, build a dollhouse, head over to Ravenswood to pick up come creepy dolls and other A-like things. More recently Toby has been dropping little hints about his A-connections. Redditor oop0rtunist has been compiling clues including how apparently he can speak French and he’s been able to for a while which has always been a favorite of the A-team. Also, someone calls Toby “pretty eyes” on election day which we’ve heard before in several A-tags over the years.

7.) Noel Kahn

Yup. Source


He’s beautiful but he’s definitely always up to something. Noel Kahn has been super sketchy from the start. He tries to blackmail his own English teacher! He knew Ali was alive the entire time she was gone and he spends an awful lot of time with Jenna Marshall. He has connections with Charlotte and he’s suddenly back in town. Prettylittle-Theories on Tumblr has a great theory that Noel is somehow related to Charlotte and Mary and this has been a family affair all along. Ali has mentioned in the past that Noel knows secrets about her and she has her fair share of blackmail ammunition on his as well. Could this be why Uber A has been after Ali for so long?

8.) Wren Kingston

We’ve known Wren was sketchy for a while. He had no trouble making  a move for his girlfriend’s little sister, he definitely helped Mona or at least didn’t tell anyone while she was just waltzing in and out of Radley, and there was just always something mysterious about him. Now that we know how easy it is to just pretend to be a doctor in Rosewood, can we really be sure this guy went to medical school? Tumblr poster the PLL Theorist outlines a ton of excellent reasons to be suspicious of this gorgeous Brit. Most notably, she theorizes that Wren is Charlotte’s brother which would definitely explain his motive for being Uber A. That mannequin family in the dollhouse? That’s Mary, Charlotte, their dad, and Wren. She also points out how the pictures Wren is coloring in at Radley in season 4 looks an awful lot like that video of who we thought was Jessica, Charles, Jason, and baby Ali but is most likely Mary Drake, Wren and Charlotte. This is one theory that definitely seems to have a lot of evidence backing it up!

9.) Mona Vanderwaal

There are approximately 900 reasons to suspect Mona something shady at any given moment. The woman always has a plan, she’s always two or three steps ahead of everyone else, and if Evil Genius Masterminds were an actual thing, she would obviously be the best at it. Let’s rundown the highlights of some of the most incriminating things we’ve learned about Mona lately- she’s been following them. She ends up back in Rosewood at the same time as the Liars, working on rival campaign to Veronica’s. She follows Spence and Toby to the basement of the Radley on election night. She knows exactly where to find Rollins’ car in the woods and brings it back at exactly the moment Hanna and Aria are searching for it. She spent a ton of time with Charlotte when they were both staying in Radley. Even though she claims she’s reformed, she sure does hack, scheme, and tail people a lot. The Outlast Tumblr also points out that even when Mona was definitely A no one ever suspected her and we’re always told Uber A is hiding in plain sight. Charlotte even admitted at one point she couldn’t have pulled off her part of the A scheme without Mona’s help. One this is for sure, Mona Vanderwaal is scary, smart, and just intense enough to be a really, really believable ultimate villain.

Who is your favorite Uber A suspect? What’s the craziest PLL theory you’ve read so far? Tell us in a comment below!

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