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Makeover Alert: Shay Mitchell Chopped Off Her Hair! (Well, Sorta)

Out with the old, in with the new! Shay Mitchell is definitely embracing this motto as far as her cascading waves of voluminous locks are concerned. After years of giving us major hair envy with her thick, dark layers of perfection, the 29-year-old Pretty Little Liars actress has done the hardest thing imaginable when it comes to makeovers: taking the plunge and opting for a much shorter length. She debuted her shoulder-grazing tresses while attending a charity event for the Wildlife Waystation hosted by Biore on Sunday, August 8.

“Okay, guys, I have a secret,” Shay announced in a recent Snapchat update. “I chopped my hair this morning.”

She then took to Instagram to share a photo of herself modeling her dramatic transformation. “I like to start each week with a fresh perspective…so we decided to do a little chop chop and go hang with the wildlife this morning with @bioreus (more on their snapchat @bioreus ),” she wrote. “Special thanks to @chrisappleton1 for my Monday ‘do and @bartolistyle for my Monday blues!”

Very daring of her, right? In that case…..GOTCHA!

Believe it or not, Shay’s chic lob is actually fake. It’s no mere coincidence that Chris Appleton, the celebrity hairstylist behind her bold move, is the same guy who helped Kim Kardashian hoodwink fans and media outlets into thinking she had cut her hair super short. “I give Shay a new look, but it’s all an illusion. We wanted to try a new shape and length without the commitment,” Appleton revealed during an interview with PeopleStyle. “A wig or hair piece is a great way for anyone that wants to try a shorter look without chopping all your length off.”

So, how exactly did Appleton help Shay pull off such sorcery? He braided away the bottom part of her hair, added a realistic-looking hair piece on the back, and trimmed the ends with a razor. Easy peasy!



Let it be known, however, that Shay is not afraid of parting ways with her long mane. Just a few mere months ago, she told PeopleStyle that she’d totally be game if the opportunity ever arose. “Would I cut my hair? she mused. “If it were needed for the role, it’s hair and it’s gonna grow back,” she said of her strands. “Maybe that would be a new challenge for me. But it is my security blanket.”

Do you love Shay with longer hair or a lob? We can’t decide — she rocks each one like the confident go-getter she is!