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Happy Birthday, Tammin Sursok! 18 Reasons The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Actress Rocks Our World

Tammin Sursok birthday wishes and fun facts

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Unlike her Pretty Little Liars persona, the “Is she blind or isn’t she?” Jenna Marshall, Tammin Sursok isn’t a conniving ice queen nor a malicious psycho with crazy schemes up her sleeve. In fact, the stunning and adventurous real-life mom is the polar opposite.

Despite having achieved a great deal of success and fame on several continents, Missus “Bright Eyes” Tammin remains a down-to-earth sweetheart. When she’s not working hard on set, she’s spending precious time with her husband and their beautiful daughter Phoenix Emmanuel, stepping behind the camera to direct film projects, getting her Bottle Pets company off the ground, and traveling the world to explore vibrant new cultures. She’s clearly as impressive in real life as she is on screen!

And today, August 19, Tammin is ushering in another year of beauty, charm and wisdom. So in honor of her summer birthday (which she properly kicked off with a delicious brunch with friends and family), we’re celebrating with seventeen reasons the Pretty Little Liars actress rocks. Join the festivities below and indulge in a fresh round of fun facts and photos of this Aussie superstar!

Birthday Wishes: Tammin Sursok 2013

  • She's Warm & Approachable

    Unlike some Hollywood stars, Tammin is all about connecting with her fans and always chats with everyone on her Twitter account via @TamminSursok 1. She also updates fans on her fun experiences, such as this adorable flashback photo of her napping with her puppy!

    Photo Credit: HOME & AWAY Albert Michael / Rex Features

  • She has a sense of humor!

    In an entertaining interview with in 2012, not only did Tammin sport Jenna Marshall's shades as a joke but she also talked about her hilarious fan encounters. Here's what she said about PLL fans who think she's Jenna: "It's so weird. I take my glasses off and they're like, 'OMG'! They don't even want to look at my face because they're scared something's going to radiate from my eyes and burn into their soul."

    Photo Credit: Tammin Sursok via Instagram

  • She's a true drama queen!

    Similar to her role in PLL, her first U.S. role was a deliciously dramatic one. Tammin replaced Adrianne Leon as Colleen Carlton on The Young And The Restless. This was Tammin's first major TV role in the US. In 2006, she also played Marjorie in "Aquamarine," a movie in which two girls discover a stranded mermaid. Nowadays, she dedicates time to her family, PLL, her directorial pursuits, and working hard with her trainer! (Psst -- she recently starred in the comedy "10 Rules for Sleeping Around"!)

    Photo Credit: Tammin Sursok via Instagram

  • She Kicks Ass as Jenna

    Tammin originally auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings but ultimately won the part of Jenna Marshall. And we're glad she did because Jenna brings her A game each and every week and Tammin portrays her spot on. She's the girl who love who plays the girl who love to hate. Can't get any better than that!

  • She is well educated!

    Before she was making jaws drop as a beautiful bride (pictured here with her handsome hubby on her wedding day) and on PLL, Tammin lived in the suburb of St. Ives. She attended the Ravenswood School for Girls (hmm -- wonder if she bumped into Caleb?), where she completed year 10 in 1999.

    Photo Credit: Tammin Sursok via Instagram

  • She Loves Nautical Adventures

    If she could live on the ocean, Tammin probably would. She constantly snaps photos of the deep blue sea and seems to really appreciate life on water. "The #ocean is so #vast and #mysterious and #wonderful!" she recently gushed on twitter.

  • She's an amazing singer!

    Her smash hit single, "Whatever Will Be" was released on the 23rd of May 2005. It debuted at number 13 on the Aria charts (Australia's version of the Billboards) and spent 11 weeks in the Aria Top 100 Album Charts.

  • She's a mom!

    Tammin is a proud mom of an adorable daughter named Phoenix Emmanuel Sursok-McEwen! The PLL star announced news of her pregnancy with husband Sean McEwan in 2013 and fans were super excited.

    Photo Credit: Tammin Sursok via Instagram

  • She's An Entrepreneur

    Did you that in 2015 Tammin started her own company? Her baby bottle cover idea was inspired by her experience as a mother. "It was a hard transition getting Phoenix to take the bottle," she explain in a recent interview. "I went back to work and was breastfeeding at the time and Phoenix was not taking to a bottle. I researched what might help my situation and came across Bottle Pets. It became her soothing toy and bottle in one. She hasn't put it down."

    Photo Credit: Bottle Pets

  • She Almost Played Spencer!

    Originally, Tammin auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings; but she ended up being the perfect fit for Jenna Marshall. And we're glad she did because Jenna brings her A game each and every week and Tammin portrays her spot on. She's the girl who love who plays the girl who love to hate. Can't get any better than that!

    Photo Credit: Tammin Sursok via Instagram

  • She Indulges in Cheesy Treats

    Tammin knows the perfect way to unwind after a long munching on a few slices of gluten-free pizza. Yum!

  • She's a Beauty Guru

    We adore nail art and Tammin is a go-to source for inspiration. The PLL darling frequently posts photos of her delicate fingers after a manicure and leaves everyone in awe. In this pic, she models one of our favorite looks: pale pink nails studded with gold glitter flecks!

  • She's An Encouraging Person

    She loves helping out other people! Specifically, as a new mom she's been honest about her experience and has offered tips to other parents. Tammin believes in first-hand advice since the web is filled with misleading information and can be a tricky place for new moms and pregnant women to navigate.

    Photo Credit: Tammin Sursok via Instagram

  • She's a family gal!

    Tammin loves acting and directing, but when it comes down to it, she always loves kicking back with her family and friends. Here she is hanging out with her husband and parents in Italy!

    Photo Credit: Tammin Sursok via Instagram

  • She's A World Traveler

    This international beauty has trekked around the world since her baby days. Tammin was born on the 19th of August 1983 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She and her family moved to Sydney when she was just 4 years old, and she later moved to Los Angeles for new adventures. In 2013, she vacationed in Croatia. And just two years ago, she wed her long-time boyfriend director Sean McEwan in the lush and gorgeous land of Italy!

  • The Face of Golden Slipper Day

    The Pretty Little Liars actress set aside the Rosewood drama for a few days to revisit her Aussie homeland and help kick off Tooheys New Golden Slipper Day festivities at Rosehill Gardens on Saturday April 6th. Like her character Jenna, Tammin is always where the excitement is!

  • The Indie Star

    Not only is Tammin a wonderful actress, but she's gearing up to prove she has chops as a director too! She's currently working on a short titled "Steve's Big Date." "Getting ready to direct my short!" she tweeted in August 2013.

  • She Had A Hit Series in Australia!

    Before Pretty Little Liars, Tammin rose to fame as the mesmerizing Dani Sutherland in the hit series Home And Away (which aired to over 150 million viewers)! P.S. She won a Logie her role as Dani, and when she got up to receive her award, Tammin was so surprised that she stood at the wrong podium. Aww!

    Photo Credit: Home And Away

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