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14 Reasons Noel Kahn Could Be A.D. on Pretty Little Liars

Noel Kahn is A.D./Uber A on Pretty Little Liars


Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) is back in Rosewood for the first time since he helped out “Big A” (re: Charlotte DiLaurentis) trade in their small town for the bright lights of Paris. Although he’s handsome and super entertaining, there’s always something fishy about his motives that makes us think he could very well be the brains behind this terrifying operation. Since his reappearance, he’s engaged in a lot of questionable activity, including hanging out with Sara Harvey and Jenna Marshall and threatening Hanna Marin. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that his first stop during his homecoming tour is the freakin’ Radley to have a drink with the other most manipulative people in town. While everyone on the hit Freeform series is basically a suspect at this point, there are a few characters who stand out more than others and this shady bad boy certainly is one of them.



That being said, check out the 14 reasons below as to why we’re moving Noel Kahn to the top of our Uber A list!

1.) His timing is always a bit too impeccable.

The guy has been MIA for years and all of a sudden he shows up the very moment the Liars bury a guy in the woods, are being tortured by a ruthless new arch nemesis, and are talking about burner phones/burner apartments. Coincidence? We think not.



2.) He may be in cahoots with Jenna Marshall.

Noel, we’ve missed your games of truth or dare and parties to remember, but we wouldn’t have been too heart broken if you’d just stayed wherever it is you have been — especially since you’ve now connected yourself to The Jenna Thing, the other most unwanted person in Rosewood. Jenna can tell all the tall-tales she wants, but we see revenge burning brightly in those beautiful green eyes of hers. (Yes, even behind her designer sunglasses.)

Noel and Jenna - The Naked Truth

3.) He makes rather incriminating phone calls.

Who’s that doctor you’re talking to, Noel Kahn? Is he/she connected to our other least favorite doctor that just got buried 6 feet under? And why are you so darn angry?

Source: Freeform

Source: Freeform

4.) He has his own stash of secrets.

Alison informed her friends that the only reason Noel served as her henchman and helped her fake her death and go into hiding was because she was blackmailing him. Apparently she has some scoop on him that he was desperate to keep under wraps. Hmm.

Oh, and here’s more food for thought: Upon his return to Rosewood, NK brought along a cumbersome black trunk that he keeps tucked underneath his Radley hotel bed. What’s in it? A year’s supply of hair gel? Masks of every resident in town? The real Alastor Moody? Seriously, you could stuff an entire body into that thing!

GIF Source

GIF Source

5.) Maybe he learned from the best.

Remember when Noel and Mona dated? She was “A” once upon a time and he could have easily picked up a few tricks in terms of hacking, going undercover and creeping on people during their relationship!

mona and noel

6.) "I See You"

Back in Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, during Camp Mona, Noel scrawled the words “I SEE YOU” on Ezra’s dew-dampened car while he was making out with his favorite student, Aria Montgomery. Most recently, that same message (with very similar handwritting) was written on the back of Spencer’s car right before Uber A caused an explosion in Aunt Carol’s cellar/Jessica DiLaurentis “Searching for my Daughter and Stalking Her Friends” lair.



7.) His Mysterious Disappearance from Rosewood

True, Noel had a tendency to vanish for a couple of episodes in the earlier seasons of the show right before popping up again, but where has he been this whole time? Did he hop the plane to Paris with Charlotte DiLaurentis after helping her? Is he back in Rosewood for revenge? Did he attend a football camp specifically for text-messaging kidnappers and murderers? The twisted possibilities are endless.




8.) Even Mrs. Grunwald suspects him.

Ever get a hunch that something is really off about someone — that he’s hiding a huge secret and can’t be trusted? Well Carla Grunwald is a lady who listens to her gut and right now it’s screaming, ‘Noel Kahn is uber creepy!’

In “Exes and OMGs,” we see the clairvoyant who pulled Alison DiLaurentis to safety pointing fingers at the mysterious hunk and urging Hanna to keep her distance from him. Heck, she even gets a nosebleed as she tries to stare him down!

But is this a sign that Noel is evil? Not necessarily, but he’s no innocent bystander in the whole “A” game either.

carla grunwald returns to pll

9.) Care for a drink?

Noel has been spotted at the Radley basically every episode since he waltzed back into Rosewood. And he always has a drink glued to his hand. Uber A has also been known to dabble in the alcohol quite often, going so far as to play a deadly game of spin the bottle to select his/her next victim.

Source: Freeform

Source: Freeform

10.) He has mysterious ties to Charlotte DiLaurentis.

It’s no secret that whoever A.D. is, he/she is desperate to avenge Charlotte’s death — and Noel and Ali’s sister, who was good friends with his older brother Eric, go way back. In fact, he was the one who helped her escape police custody in New York and flee to France. People don’t stick their necks out like that for a wanted fugitive unless he/she is close to the person in question. Perhaps he was even the one who tipped off Charlotte about Alison’s whereabouts, since he was one of the few individuals who knew Rosewood High’s queen bee wasn’t quite as dead as everyone thought she was.

Just making it past every security checkpoint in existence. No big deal.

Just making it past every security checkpoint in existence. No big deal.

As reddit user caty_007 best put it, “If at only [seventeen] he could provide people with money and fake passports I really want to know what [Noel] is capable of doing now at [twenty-three] it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they tell us that he is a crime lord or something like that.”

11. He has an unsavory history with the Liars.

Between blackmailing Ezra about dating one of his students and snooping on Spencer Hastings from beneath under a dusty furniture sheet at her family’s lake house, Noel has engaged in plenty of sinister behavior over the past few years and shows no signs of dialing it back on the creep factor. It also doesn’t help that Noel thinks the girls sabotaged his relationship with his high school girlfriend and got him kicked out of school. The tension lives on!

Noel Kahn in PLL episode 5x09


Sure, we all yearn for better grades, but this con Kahn man will go to any lengths to “earn” that A+.

Ezra changes Noel's grade

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

12.) Why was he calling Dr. Cochran?

As viewers learned in PLL 7×07, this doctor helped deliver Mary Drake’s second child. While Noel reaching out to the pervy medical specialist is not proof that he’s Uber A, it does seem like a strange thing to do — especially amidst the whole Charlotte DiLaurentis murder investigation and the reveal that Ali has another vengeful cousin running around town.

Pretty Little Liars episode 7x08

Freeform/Byron Cohen

13.) He has rage issues.

Alison DiLaurentis recently disclosed that our favorite bad boy is the one who shoved a college student down the stairs during the fraternity party flashback that viewers were made privy to back in PLL’s early years. We all thought CeCe Drake was responsible for his horrifying act, but Ali informs everyone that is not the case. Apparently Noel committed the crime and his parents made it go away by paying off the girl and her family.


Let’s also not forget the fact that Maya was crashing at his house and abducted from his family’s yard the night she was murdered. Did Noel kill her? We wouldn’t put anything past him at this point.

14.) Burning Evidence

At the end of Season 7, Episode 7 (“Original G’A’ngsters“), the A-tag at the end showed the mysterious black-gloved hands setting fire to files containing information about the blue-eyed bad boy. And did we see a file about Miss Montgomery soon-to-be-Fitz in that pile of papers?

A.D. fire


So, could Noel Kahn be the worst of the show’s tormentors, or he merely another red herring? Is another character at the top of your Uber A list? Tell us in a comment!