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The Lying Game 1.02: The Laptop Thief


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched “Being Sutton.”

The number one rule of thieves is that nothing is too small to steal. ” — Jimmy Breslin

Ah. A more befitting quote there is not after tonight’s tantalizing second episode of The Lying Game. Last week, during The Lying Game series premiere, an intruder broke into the Mercer home and made away only with Sutton’s laptop. And in a house full of high end silverware, expensive jewelry, and top-notch technology, this seemed awfully unusual to the Mercers. (Although we’re sure they were relieved that the rest of their home wasn’t viciously ransacked.)

However, as we learned tonight, Sutton Mercer’s laptop is high commodity not only to Emma Becker but to everyone else in Scottsdale, Arizona as well. We had a lot of suspects in mind—it could have been Mads, Char, Nisha or even Laurel (staging a break-in). The last person to cross our minds would have been a powerful figure in the community.

As it turns out, it was a powerful figure. In fact, it was a friend of the family–Alec Rybak. Mads’ wealthy and high-tempered father forced a trouble guy named Derek to do his illegal bidding. (In exchange, he dropped some petty charges against Derek.) Derek smashed through Sutton’s window, stole her laptop and, along with it, all her deepest, darkest secrets.

Were you shocked when you found out that Mr. Rybak was as guilty as O.J.? Or did you sense something was fishy about him the instant he whipped out that tacky wad of cash and was being passive aggressive with Emma (posing as Sutton)? Tell us in the comments and remember to tune in for next week’s ALL NEW episode at 9/8 c only on ABC Family.