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Pretty Little Liars Recap – “I Must Confess”: Season 2, Episode 11


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched “I Must Confess.”

Once upon a time, in a beautiful land called Rosewood, there lived a brainy psychotherapist who enjoyed helping patients work through their troubles and woes. She listened to them and offered responsible advice and her expert opinions.

One fateful day, the doctor–Dr. Ann Sullivan, received a call from a powerful lawyer in town named Mrs. Hastings. Mrs. Hastings announced that she had four new patients for the doc. These patients were 16-year-old girls who got caught up in a frightening murder investigation involving a missing person and a dead best friend name Alison DiLaurentis.

Dr. Sullivan, despite her years of successful treatments, had a hard time getting through to her new patients. Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings and Hanna Marin refused to speak up but the Doc knew that something was wrong and sense an ominous force sucking the life out of four vibrant girls.

Unfortunately, Dr. Sullivan’s various attempts to get them to talk failed. Not only that, but a total lunatic broke into her office (using a damn key), vandalized the place, and smeared advice on the wall for the advice giver: “Nosey Bitches Die.” Soon after, the rattled “pretty little liars” (a nickname pegged by the Rosewood Observer) mysteriously dropped out of therapy and Dr. Sullivan figured she’d never hear from these well-groomed community princesses again.

BUT, the shrink was mistaken. After one of these pretties, the competitive swimmer, experienced a meltdown and reached a breaking point, her friends intervened and they finally revealed their scary, dark secret: Someone’s been hurting them for a long time.

Dr. Sullivan is outraged by the news and, like any valiant knight, she charged forth into the crowded, strange hallways of Rosewood Day High with a full cavalry of words about cowards, cyberbullying, and crime and punishment. But the perpetrator–the evil texter in disguise–sees all. He/she didn’t like what the brave healer has to say and infiltrated her phone with creepy recordings of her private session with the Liars.

Apparently, D stands for not only “doctor” but “danger seeker” as well. A’s taunts only motivated the brilliant psychotherapist to continue probing through her old files, trying to find answers and figure out who the sinister “A” villain is. She journeyed further and further into the past until, all of a sudden, she stumbled something utterly alarming about one of her “former” patients. And, just like that, Dr. Sullivan won the first battle round of “Who is A.”

Sadly though, there was no happily ever after to this tale of horror. A caught up with the poor doctor before she had a chance to reveal his/her/their identity. The moral of the story? Again, as A quips, “Nosey Bitches Die.” Sometimes, some cases are best left unsolved.

So, is Dr. Sullivan as dead as Ian Thomas or has A stashed her away to save her for a rainy day? Leave your theories in the comments!

The End? Not when A’s just begun having fun…