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Pretty Little Liars Preview: Episode 2.12, “Over My Dead Body”

After last week’s panic-filled episode of Pretty Little Liars, we have no idea what horrors vicious “A” has in store for the Liars. But, after watching the official episode 2.12 trailer below, we’re legit terrified:

It’s as though A really thought this one out: “Hmm. How can I spook the living daylights out of these girls? Oh, I know! Let me send them some creepy dolls, trap them in confined spaces, and then go after someone they care about.” And, it looks like A is staying consistent with his/her brutal harassment of Emily Fields. Oh no!

What do you think will happen to Emily in “Over My Dead Body”? Is A going to bury someone alive?! Leave your predictions in the comments and remember to tune in for the midseason finale this Tuesday at 8/7 c on ABC Family. (Psst…check out the special Lying Game presentation afterward!)