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Speculation: Reasons Why Ezra is A on Pretty Little Liars, Part 2

To get the pArty started right after the Pretty Little Liars summer finale aired (Season 4, Episode 12), we posted a list of 21 reasons why Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) could very well be “A.”. We also promised that there were way more tell-tale signs that our favorite Rosewood High English teacher could have a texting addiction and penchant for torment, and that we were working on a follow-up article. Well, guess what? It’s done and ready for your perusal. Join us below for a fresh round of clues as we continue the investigation into Mr. Fitz’s shady past as well as an assessment of his suspicious-sounding quotes!

(*Please note that the list below begins at number 22 since it’s a continuation of our initial twenty-one findings listed here. Thanks for your understanding!)

22. A’s reign of terror began when Ezra began teaching in Rosewood during the pilot episode. Coinky-dink? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Ezra Fitz - Season 1

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

23. Aria is the Liar to have been least affected by A so far. Sure, she got locked up in a box with dead Garrett on a Halloween train — but what’s that compared to your parents being thrown in jail and your house being demolished by a road demon? While the rest of the girls suffer and enroll themselves into Radley, Aria spends her days sipping coffee at the Brew and taking pottery classes.

Ezra and Aria kiss in "A dAngerous gAme"

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

24. Not that it proves anything, but what the bleep was Ezra doing on the Ghost Train. More importantly, why did he appear at the very end? “I’ve got a meeting in Philadelphia about ghost writing an autobiography. Actually somebody worth writing about this time,” he told Aria earlier in the episode. Is ghostwriting code for I was busy sending anonymous texts? Hmm.

25. Ezra Fitz loves The Great Gatsby. Aria dressed up as Great Gatsby character Daisy Buchanan in the Halloween Season 3 special. Daisy Buchanan falls for a rich bootlegger with a shady past. Ezra has a shady past. Moreover, in Season , 15 the word “Daisy” is spotted on Ezra’s blackboard and, at the end of episode, A leaves daisies by Mrs. Potter’s grave. Draw your own conclusions if you must, but we remain suspicious.

Aria Montgomery as Daisy Buchanan

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

26. Hey, remember when Noel Kahn tried to blackmail Ezra into giving him a higher essay grade? Their interaction is filled with tension and Noel, using Mr. Fitz’s red pen, crosses out the C on his paper and changes it to an A. (At first, Ezra seems scared but now when we rewatch it, he looks more stunned as though he’s saying, “You want an A? Well, you’ll get an A. You’ve been marked bitch!”) Soon after, a key to test answers are confiscated from Noel’s locker and he gets suspended. Who put them there? Well, it wouldn’t be unusual for a teacher to have access to locker combinations is all we have to say.

Ezra changes Noel's grade

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

27. In PLL Season 1, Episode 13 Spencer received an email from A asking “Married for love or an Alibi? – A” Later one, “Married for Love” was spotted on Ezra’s blackboard of infinite clues.

married for love or an alibi

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

28. Alison DiLaurentis’s alter ego is named Vivian Darkbloom, which is an anagram of “Vladimir Nabokov.” Nothing special here right? Wrong. Nabokov wrote the controversial yet powerful novel about Lolita, which is about an adult English teacher named Humbert Humbert who falls in love with his 12-yr-old stepdaughter. Even more intriguing, is that Vivian Darkbloom is the alias Vladimir used to appear as a character in his own books. And more intriguing than that? Nabokov wrote The Eye.

Vivian Darkbloom screenshot from Pretty Little Liars

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

29. In  PLL Season 1, Episode 19, when Aria confesses to Ezra that she, Alison, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna were the ones who blinded Jenna Marshall during a prank gone wrong he barely flinches. It’s as though he already knew what went down!

30. The short story that Ezra read during open mic night in PLL Season 1, Episode 5 ended with the following description: “And in a moment, her life was undone. Everything she knew disappeared, drifting into the summer sky.” Alison was supposedly killed in the summer the night she disappeared during the Liars’ barn sleepover. (FYI: We know she clawed her way out of the ground after being buried alive but we don’t know if she survived afterward since she disappeared from Mrs. Grunwald’s car.)

31. In Episode 1×04, the instant Mr. Fitz bikes past the Liars, who are sitting on a park bench and figuring out ways to blocking texts fro A, a flyer of Alison’s lovely face smeared with a message written in red (“Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead”) flutters into their midst. While we don’t think that Ezra set this loose since that would be impossible, it seems like the writers and producers may have done this on purpose.

ding dong the bitch is dead

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

32. Not to say that owning a black hoodie automatically means someone is A, but it seems that only A members wear such grotesque comfort clothes in the fashion runway known as Rosewood, PA. In episode 1×04, while enjoying some dinner with Aria at his apartment, Ezra is keeping it low key in a black hooded zip up sweater. He wore a black hoodie again in the Halloween special. Interesting.

Ezra Fitz in a black hoodie

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

playing dress up for your man on halloween is one thing

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

33. In the season 2 premiere, Aria is visiting Ezra (and smooching him) at his apartment and he tells her, “Ask me anything.” Later on that night, when the girls are snooping around in the greenhouse, they received a text from someone and it reads, “Ask me anything.”
ask me anything

34. In PLL episode 2×12, Aria receives orders from A to bust Jackie Molina for plagiarizing her thesis and even sends her the papers that prove she did. Earlier on the episode, Ezra is seen reading papers that are very similar to those — so similar that they are even stapled the same way. It’s no secret that Ezra wanted Jackie gone because she kept getting in the way of his relationship with Aria. Moreover, the doll that A sends Aria in this same episode wants her to “make Jackie go away.”

Ezra reading papers

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

35. “Big Brother is always watching you.” What’s the importance of this quote? It’s what Jenna tells Aria in the bathroom right after Aria spies Jenna and Ezra going over her short story in “Person of Interest.” It’s from George Orwell’s 1984 and while Ezra is far from being Aria’s big brother (he’s just Wesley’s bro) and this quote could easily apply to Jason DiLaurentis, it’s interesting to point out the theme of eyes comes into play again. And, again, Ezra is in some way connected.

big brother is watching

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

36. At the end of PLL episode 2×11, Dr. Sullivan was reviewing her patients’ files and to look for major hints. And boy did she stumble on a gold mine! “A” (apparently) began visiting a therapist before the Liars did (and was either born in 1994 or began therapy sessions in 1994), thinks it’s his/her job to “police,” refers to unnamed adversaries as “nosey bitches” and is treated for “overpowering feelings of revenge” and anger manage. We know Mona had been one of Dr. Sullivan’s patients — but her issue was that she was living in a perpetual state of hyper reality that fueled her feelings of omnipresence and omniscience. In PLL episode 4×12, Ezra demonstrated that he’s the kind of fellow who snaps when under stress and takes his anger out on poor closet doors. (FYI: His family also has the cash to fund therapy sessions.) What the hell was Ezra’s framed ‘Master of Arts in English Literature’ certificate doing in Dr. Sullivan’s office in PLL 2×01 (“It’s Alive”)?!

Ezra Fitz - Master of Arts in English Literature

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

37. Does anyone recall Ian Thomas’s supposed suicide note from “The Devil You Know” (episode 2×05)? We know Emily played detective and discovered her own set of clues in it. However, there is still something else to point out. In the letter, ‘hide’ is crossed out right after the phrase “I can’t.” The word “run” takes its place instead.  When Aria complained to Ezra about Jenna being in the same pottery class as her in episode 2×03, Ezra replied “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

you can run but you can't hide

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

38. In PLL 2×24, when the Liars head to Brookhaven and visit a creepy doll shop, they meet a little boy named Seth. Upon asking him if he’s ever seen Alison, he responds that she stopped by their store to see if they sell voodoo dolls and informs them that a man and woman with dark hair are trying to hurt Ali. He points to Aria’s locks as an example. While Ezra doesn’t have flowing, voluminous curls by any means, his hair is longish and it’s dark. (P.S. We’re eliminating Caleb from the equation because he’s heading to Ravenswood. Moreover, the couple was not Jenna and Garrett since the woman was not blind and since Garrett was killed on the Halloween train, which means he’s off our “A” suspects list. )

Seth from Pretty Little Liars

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

39. While Ezra hangs out with his college buddy in PLL Season 1×05 (“Reality Bites Me”), we find out that his nickname during his undergrad years was a single letter: Z. Sure, it’s not the letter we want it to be (A!), it’s unusual that it’s not Ez or plan ol’ Fitz.

Patrick J. Adams with Ian Harding

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

40. Remember when Emily’s parents were trying to sell their house and a real estate agent named Mendez (Daniel Desantos) was showing a potential buyer at the end of “It’s Alive” (2×01)? The client had to have been an adult and Ezra had a steady job at the time and enough cash to buy the place. Needless to say, whoever entered Em’s house caused major distress for the Liars because he/she erased all of Emily’s computer files, including the videos recorded by Ian Thomas/N.A.T Club!

A looks at a frame in Emily's room in "It's Alive"

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

So what do you all think? Are you convinced Ezra is A or do you think he’s guilty of something but sending vicious texts isn’t one of them? What is your theory about the PLL Season 4, Episode 12 reveal?

About the Author: Theo is a television enthusiast/digital editor at Alloy Entertainment. A conspiracy theorist at heart, this Greek gal is constantly on the look-out for horcruxes and is still trying to make sense of Lost Season 6. All in all, she enjoys freshly brewed iced tea, ancient poetry, and Whedonverse. Follow her musings on entertainment at @theodorag13.