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The Lying Game Episode 1.04: OMG Moments from “Twinsense and Sensibility”


ABC Family’s drama-filled new series The Lying Game aired its fourth episode and we are officially hooked! We enjoyed tuning in and can’t wait to see how Sutton and Emma’s dangerous investigation into the past unravels!

So here our top five OMG moments from episode 1.04 of The Lying Game:

  1. The episode starts off with some nighttime stalking. Emma’s a-running and a car with tinted windows is a-following. She runs faster. The mystery car speeds up. She pushes harder. The mystery car gases it. And just as Emma is on the brink of a major heart attack, the driver reveals himself…and it’s Alec Rybak. {Insert nervous laughter.} Alec is just teaching his goddaughter a little lesson about running alone in the dark. But Emma’s not convinced—why’s ol’ godpappy following her? Yeesh!
  2. Emma experiences an all-too realistic nightmare in which she’s gasping for air. It’s a recurring one for her but when her “mom” (aka Sutton’s mom) rushes to console her, she reveals that Sutton used to suffer from that same bad dream. Apparently, there’s a word for their uncanny identical dreams–“twinsense”! And those few, poor souls–including me— who willingly watched Lindsay Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me in 2007, know that “twinsense” pretty much translates into major creepiness! (Luckily, Emma and Sutton’s connection revolves around childhood memories—not mysteriously amputated fingers.)
  3. Laurel fesses up…to a crime she didn’t commit.  The way she justifies it is that Sutton’s no longer treats her like a squash-able bug and thus deserves more dates with her brooding bad-boy Ethan Whitehorse. And, in order for that to happen, Ethan be sent to the clinker. Aww—sounds logical to us! (Actually, anything Laurel does is okay by us because we adore her!)
  4. Nisha enrolls in ballet classes as part of her tennis training. (True story: lots of professional athletes participate in miscellaneous dance classes to strengthen their cores and increase their flexibility.) She senses that something’s going on between Mads and Eduardo (yes, we totally just said his name aloud and rolled the “r”‘) and dishes about it to Char. For whatever reason (probably because she yearns for a boo of her own), Char freaks out at Mads at school and asks her if she’s sleeping with Mr. Handsome Ballerina Man. Initially, Mads looks taken aback but then sarcastically snaps, “Of course. We have slutty hot sex all over the damn studio, biatch. Now get yo face out of mine before I cut you!” (Okay, not in those words exactly…but that’s the gist of it.) Long story short: Nisha meddled. Char asked the wrong question. Mads is now pissed.
  5. Sutton and Thayer investigate the photo of her biological birth mother and find the house that Emma lived in during their early years. Unfortunately, it was burned to a crisp years ago but it’s too late to turn back. Sutton and Thayer enter and explore. Emma tells Sutton she remembers stars, lots of pretty stars! Lo and behold, the ash-ridden ceiling of the nursery home still features a beautiful solar system painting created by a woman named Annie Hobbs. Hold up—could she be the twins’ long-lost mother?!

The Big Ta-Da: Dr. Mercer and Alec are literally freaking out over some crazy situation involving Sutton and Emma’s birth mother. And, when Dr. Mercer finds the name “Annie Hobbs” scribbled on a napkin, he panics. What gives? What dark secret are these two dads hiding?

There were plenty of tense scenes on “Twinsense and Sensibility”! Which one was your fave? List it below in the comments! (Don’t forget to tune in for a Lying Game marathon on Monday night followed by an all new episode at 8/7 c—only on ABC Family!)