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The PLL Cast Celebrates Troian Bellisario’s Bachelorette Party: See the Photos!

As we’re sure you know by now, the lovely Miss Troian Bellisario is getting hitched to the dreamy, talented, and oh so thoughtful Suits actor Patrick J. Adams soon. And what better way to jump start the wedding festivities than with an epic bachelorette party? That’s right; before she walks down the aisle and says “I do”, Troian has decided to live it up and indulge in a weekend getaway with her best girls. The Pretty Little Liars actress traveled to Italy this past week and was joined by her closest friends, including her aerial silks inspiration Selkie Hom and PLL costars Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields), Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin), and Lulu Brud Zsebe (Sabrina). The ladies treated her to a memorable (and delicious) bash in the land of sun, sand, and sparkling sea, and based on all their amazing photos, it seems they are living it up in a true Mediterranean fashion.

“SO excited to spend the week celebrating the most beautiful, smart (seriously, it’s scary 😳) and amazing person I know! Let the bachelorette festivities commence,” Shay announced in a sweet shout-out post.

Scroll down for an inside look at all the #BellisarioGetsBooted-themed fun!

Casual and Happy

The relaxed and beautiful bride-to-be donned a specially made baseball t-shirt that featured her clever bachelorette hashtag- #bellisariogetsbooted.

Every bride needs a glorious, giant flower crown, right?

The Adventures of #ButtahBenzo

Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson were also present. They looked fabulous and were having a great time being their adorably silly selves, per usual.

“My wife,” Shay captioned the photo above. How can you not adore these lovable babes?

The Gelato is Plentiful

Bon apetit, ladies!

Even Sabrina from the Brew Was There!

Surprised? Don’t be! Troian and Lulu Brud (a.k.a. Sabrina on PLL) have been real-life besties for a long time. Not only was Troian in Lulu’s wedding party, but it appears her friend is now returning the favor by helping throw her such a kickass event!


“Last night felt like a dream but I’m sure Hanna, Spencer and Emily would of wished for an AD free world at the Trevi Fountain / I almost jumped in and lived out my favorite scene in “La Dolce Vita,” Shay captioned this gorgeous shot. Viva la Roma!

Um, Squad Goals much?

Seriously, these lovely flower crowns add such a whimsical touch to these airport snapshots.

Their scrumptious food pics alone are enough to give you FOMO!

“Ordering take out is going to be rough after this trip,” Shay lamented.

Rome: A City Full of Instagrammable Surprises

“Would the owner of this adorable perfectly colored ride, come meet me outside so we can go get pizza and pasta?” Shay politely inquired in a recent post.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Swag bag

Check out these nifty goodie bags — complete with games and beauty products — that were handed out prior to the festivities. These Hells-Belles sure know how to throw one awesome shindig!

Security Breach

Apparently Selkie Hom is a woman of many talents. She is not only a mega graceful aerial performer/trainer, but apparently she can also solve a Rubik’s cube like it’s her job — even under the scrutiny of airport security!

“Security found a Rubix cube in @selkiehom bag. Suspicious, they messed it up and made her solve it,” Troian wrote “She did. Immediately. Then WE messed it up again. And made her solve it. Which she did. Immediately. My friends are magic.”

What Would Patti Smith Do?

Why, stroll around the beautiful streets of Capri with her dearest companions, of course!

Later, Troian ran into a very special fan:

“I feel okay about this place,” the brunette beauty mused.

Get a load of that view!

These steps are so breathtaking that Troian actually dubbed them the “stairway from heaven” in a recent Instagram post.

Out for a Joy Ride


Doppelganger Alert

Four times the Bellisario, four times the fun. Luckily these homemade masks are way more appealing than the ones with which PLL haunts our dreams!

Dance Party Central

Leave it to Ash and Troian to get the party started by busting a fierce move. Get it, ladies!

A video posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

“Babe is the best dance partner,” Ashley revealed. So true!

That being said, have you ever been to Italy or Greece? What are some of your favorite bachelorette ideas and experiences? Share your own stories and suggestions in a comment below!