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Wren is Back – And His First Scene Will Be with THIS Pretty Little Liars Character!

Wren Kingston returns in Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10


In case you missed our earlier announcement, Julian Morris will make a long-awaited return to Rosewood, PA when Pretty Little Liars returns for season 7B in April 2017. Finally, right? It’s about time we saw Wren Kingston back in action! And in case this news isn’t exciting enough as it, his first scene will be with a character we’ve never seen him interact before: Ezra Fitz!

Judging by all the theories out there, plenty of of PLL fans suspect Wren is A.D. — or involved in the mystery in a significant way, at least — so his reappearance is stirring up a lot of buzz. Can he trusted? What are his motives? How long will he stick around? While we don’t exactly know the circumstances surrounding Wren’s visit, the image of Julian and Ian Harding sharing the screen at some point has us super stoked!

In fact, during a recent interview with Zap2It, executive producer Marlene King teased some interesting tidbits about Julian’s return, saying that his real-life friendship with Ian was one of the main reasons the scene ended up happening in the first place. “When I first sat down to talk to Julian about coming back, he had never had a scene with Ezra, and he and Ian [Harding] are friends in real life, so he’s like, ‘Please can I have a scene with Ezra?’, so that was really the originator of the first scene that we’ll see Wren in when he comes back,” she revealed.


Marlene also confirmed that we can look forward to seeing the world’s shadiest doctor in more than one episode during the show’s final season. “We’ll see him in more than one episode, which is fantastic,” she confirmed.

Ah, how wonderful! We can’t wait to see what surprises Wren has in store for us — and we’re also not mad about being able to see more of Julian’s cute face on our screens.

In what way do you think Wren and Ezra will connect? Why is Wren making his way back to this murderous town? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!