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Exclusive Interview with Wendy Star Tyler Blackburn

What makes Tyler Blackburn a total heartthrob? Well, for starters he’s a talented actor. (Each Pretty Little Liars scene involving Caleb Rivers is quite the tearjerker.) Second, he exudes mystery and edge! Third, he’s super cute and charming. Fourth, he’s got a rock star, knee-melting voice! Need we go on?

And, if the return of Pretty Little Liars in January 2012 seems too far away, we’ve got a Tyler fix for you! He’s starring as a darker, sexier version of Peter Pan (minus the green tights, of course) in the highly anticipated web series Wendy, which premieres this Thursday. (His gorgeous costar is none other than Camp Rock’s Meaghan Martin!)

In an exclusive interview, Tyler gives the 411 on his character Pete and what we can expect from his sizzling, new role:

He’s seriously so charismatic! After watching this alluring interview, we’re adding another reason to our list of “Why We Heart Tyler Blackburn”—he’s got an amazing sense of humor!
So tell us—why do YOU heart Tyler? Leave some homie love for Tyler Blackburn in the comments and remember to tune in for the premiere of Wendy the Series on September 15th!