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Marlene King Teases the Final 10 Episodes of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Pretty Little Liars final episodes - promotional poster


There are 10 more episodes of Pretty Little Liars left until we have to bid farewell to the world of Rosewood and all of its mysterious, secret-keeping residents. While we’re still struggling with the fact that the show is coming to a bittersweet end, we luckily have some time left until April 2017 to rewatch all our favorite moments and flesh out new intricate theories — especially now that Marlene King has provided fans with fresh tidbits about season 7b.

The PLL executive producer teased to Zap2It that the show’s final 10 episodes will be the most emotional we’ve dealt with so far, which is really saying something considering how drama-packed the series has been over the years.”The next 10 [episodes] are emotionally the most power 10 we’ve ever had. The actresses are having so much with how deep they get to go in these final 10 episodes,” she said. “They’re just having so much fun, their characters are so layered and we really put them through the wringer. I think we continue to be deadly and dangerous and uber-romantic. The catchphrase is it’s ‘endgame,’ it’s final game.”

Speaking of endgame, many viewers have wondered whether or not the classroom flash-forward that we saw at the end of 6A- when the girls run into Ali’s classroom to warn her about a mysterious “he”- will still factor into the story at some point. According to King, yes, it will. In fact, it’s going to be a part of Ali’s arc. “Yes, we will see that again and we’ll know why we saw it,” King told the site. “It’s definitely a part of Alison’s storyline.”

Alison Rollins in Pretty Little Liars Season 6b time jump


When info was released about a new mean girl hitting up the Rosewood High scene, murmurs of a reincarnation of another PLL squad forming (a la Mean Girls) began to spread — and according to what King told TVLine, that may not be too far off. “Although we may be saying goodbye to our current group of PLLs … the town of Rosewood is its own character,” she hinted.

So what does this mean, exactly? Pretty much this: that while the players may change, the game remains the same.

Interesting! That being said, are you ready for the final 10 episodes of PLL? How do you hope to see the endgame for each of the girls turn out? Talk to us in the comments!