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10 Reasons We’re Totally Crushing on Birthday Boy Ian Harding

Future Mrs. Fitz

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Why do we heart Ian Harding? Oh, let us count the ways: Because he’s a handsome fellow in Hollywood who works hard on set, then writes books about birdwatching in his spare time; because he appreciates his fans; because he has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously; because he woos us on a weekly basis as Aria Montgomery’s sophisticated and educated beau, Ezra Fitz, on Pretty Little Liars; because he loves his mom and supports charitable causes in her honor; because he hosts entertaining U-Stream sessions with Lucy Hale; because he gives some of the best interviews ever; because even when we thought he was “A” on PLL, we continued to crush on him more than even; because he rolls with the punches; and because he’s basically 100% awesome. (Okay, we’ll stop now….#sorrynotsorry.) And today, September 16th, marks a very special moment in his life’s journey — his 30th birthday!

So in honor of yet another year of Ian’s charm and wit, we’re celebrating to the fullest with ten reasons why this blue-eyed actor rocks. Join the festivities below, and indulge in a fresh round of fun facts about this Rosewood hottie!

Happy Birthday, Ian Harding!

  • Ian was born in Heidelberg, Germany on September 16, 1986.

  • Did you know that Ian is the youngest child in his family? Not only that, but his older sister Sarah is also an actress! And although Ian is not a dad to a human child, he does amazing care of his adorable Labradoodle pups, Mochi and Bailey.

  • His first TV role was in Adventureland, in which he played a wealthy prepster. (Check out his fierce 'do!) He also appeared in Hollywood is Like High School with Money, an Alloy Entertainment web series.

  • He got punk'd by co-star Lucy Hale during her stint on the hilarious celebrity reality show! In real life, the two are close friends and even confide in each other! In fact, He's close with a lot of his cast mates: He and Keegan even go on double dates together, and he and Shay constantly poke fun at each other.

  • He attended Georgetown Prep in high school where he rocked as a member of the drama club and was selected as the class speaker. He later studied acting at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • He joined his mom, who was diagnosed with Lupus when was 7, during the Walk for Lupus Now and supported this great cause!

  • If he had to choose another profession, he'd pursue something in the psychology field.

  • This probably won't come as a surprise to many of you, but Ian, who's known for sweet and delightful personality, pretty much charmed his way through his PLL audition. During a Q&A with Interview magazine he shared the following entertaining anecdote: 'It was fall 2009, and I got an email for this audition from my agent. I went in, and I don’t say this in a really arrogant way, but I just kind of flirted with everybody that I came across. They were like, ‘You have the part.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute, okay… I think you’re making a mistake.’ They decided that they weren’t, and now I’m here.'

  • This ambidextrous fellow tweets constantly with fans from his official twitter account at @ianmharing! He also participates in a lot of ustream chats.

  • And when he ships? He ships hard. Read his shirt: Emaya forever!

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What do you adore most about Ian Harding? Feel free to post your happy birthday wishes in the comments.