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Pretty Little Liars Midseason Finale Spoilers from Marlene King

Umm…we seriously adore Pretty Little Liars executive producer and writer Marlene King. In fact, we adore her so much, we can’t even properly capture our sentiments with mere words.

Why all the gushing? Because Marlene King gets it! She knows how intense PLL is and understands that waiting for a new episode on a week-by-week basis can quickly become a grueling and difficult task. So, she takes to twitter and appeases us with morsel-sized yet ultra delicious clues and spoilers.

And, she totally went above and beyond for the midseason finale. Check out the amazing spoilers she tweeted below:

  1. “I can tell Ezria fans that the big Jackie showdown is tomorrow. It’s goin’ down. Who will be left standing?”
  2. “Finale spoiler… Alison’s in the episode and you’ll love something she tells a PLL. It’s something we all sing every week.”
  3. “There’s a JARRETT (Jenna&Garrett) scene that may blow your minds.Nothing can be the same for Ezria after tomorrow night.”
  4. “Last spoiler for now… Caleb delivers one of my fave PLL lines ever… and it’s to Kate.”

Will Jackie rat out Aria and Ezra? Is Caleb going to rush to Hanna’s defense? Are there clues in the theme song? We have so many questions! Based on Marlene King’s hints, what do you think is going to go down in Rosewood in the midseason finale? Leave your predictions in the comments and remember to tune in for tonight’s huge PLL event at 8/7 c on ABC Family.