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Keegan Allen’s New Movie Has The Most WTF Trailer Ever – WATCH!


Brace yourselves, darlings, because we are not in Rosewood, PA anymore.

Recently, the new trailer for King Cobra dropped and Pretty Little Liars fans got to witness Keegan Allen stepping way, way outside the Toby Cavanaugh-shaped box we’re used to seeing him in every week. The NSFW thriller follows the insane true story of Sean Lockhart and his rise and epic fall in the gay porn industry and let’s just say the sneak peek video contained enough racy footage to make our jaws drop to the floor.


In his latest project, which is based on the novel Cobra Killer, Keegan plays James Franco’s boy-toy and fellow porn star who tries to convince Sean Lockhart to appear in an adult film with them. Sean’s boss (played by a simultaneously creepy yet attractive Christian Slater) is a lonely suburban man turned gay porn producer, however, and is not willing to relinquish his most in-demand, lucrative performer to his rivals — and from there total madness ensues.


This new role may come as a shock to fans of Officer Cavanaugh and all things Spoby. It is definitely darker (if you can imagine that) and more intense than anything we’ve seen on PLL. The trailer is only two and a half minutes long, but from the instant it starts you can tell this is going to be packed with WTF moments, including footage of Keegan licking a knife and crying out “no little bitches.” With a strong cast (what’s up Molly Ringwald and Alicia Silverstone?!) and a true crime plot line that is essentially ripped from the headlines/prime Law & Order SVU material, King Cobra is sure to be one hell of wild ride.


Controversial material aside (re: an actual murder in the porn industry), props to Keegan for stepping out of his comfort zone and leaving the general safety of Rosewood (LOL) to show off his acting chops in something much more serious and unexpected. That said, hit the “play” button below to watch as he and his buddy James snuggle (yes, please), and to enjoy a little eye-candy in the form of up-and-coming sensation Garrett Clayton, a surprisingly irresistible juicing scene, and a whole lotta crazy.

What are your thoughts on the promo above? Will you be hitting up your local theater when this film drops on Friday, Ovtober 21st? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below!