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She’s Baaack! Look Who Was Spotted on the PLL Finale Set

Torrey DeVitto as Melissa Hastings on Pretty Little Liars


Are you ready for this one?! We can now be totally certain that we haven’t seen the last of the ever-sketchy Melissa Hastings! Torrey DeVitto returned to the Pretty Little Liars set one last time to wrap up the eldest Hastings sister’s mysterious journey; and although we have no clue as to what brings Melissa back to Rosewood, we did get plenty of sentimental pics of Torrey’s final moments with the PLL cast.

The 32-year-old Chicago Med actress is certainly going to miss her time playing Spencer’s older sister who always seemed to know a lot more than she let on about a lot — just as much as we’re going to miss the craziness her character brought to the plot every time she popped up onscreen. Ever since the show’s first season, we all knew it was going to be a good episode if Melissa was involved!

DeVitto shared some sweet photos and words from her last day filming the series finale, including one with she and her onscreen sister Troian Bellisario. This is probably the sweetest photo of the Hastings sisters in existence, and Torrey’s caption is even sweeter. “These twisted Hasting sisters deserved their last own special post,” she wrote. “I’m gonna miss working with this woman right here. Thank you, @sleepinthegardn for sharing this journey with me and being the best tv sister a girl could have!”

Troian also was definitely happy to have her television sibling back for one last scene. “My favorite sister is taking a break from being a doctor,” she announced, referring to Torrey’s medical drama series on NBC.

After all was said and done, however, Torrey did end up getting a little emotional when the reality of it all set in. She shared a pic that was accompanied by a note much somber in tone: Spencer and Melissa Hastings’ empty chairs on set, along with a heartfelt goodbye letter to fans. “And now, it’s time to say my final goodbye,” she posted. “In the wee hours of this morning I did my final scenes as Melissa Hastings. I don’t think it’s quite hit me that this show that so quickly became like a home base for me, or that this character whom I have learned so much from and grew SO much with is now over.”

She continued: “So much has happened over these last 7 years, but through all these changes, ‘pretty little liars’ stood as a constant space to go back to. Thank you to everyone involved and thank you to all who love and watch this show. It’s been such an honor to play this character and work with such an amazing cast and crew. And a special thank you to @imarleneking for creating this world for us all to get lost in. Feeling so grateful for you and these last 7 years. #byebyePLL #ByebyeMelissa”

Tissues please!

That being said, you miss seeing Torrey slip into character as Melissa Hastings once PLL ends? How do you hope they wrap up her storyline? Talk to us in the comments below!