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Do You Notice Anything Unusual About This Photo of Lucy Hale?

It’s no secret that many Pretty Little Liars fans have been rooting for a beautiful Ezria endgame since the day they met in the show’s pilot. And now that the two lovebirds are engaged? Even with Ezra’s ex-girlfriend Nicole back in the picture, their relationship is stronger than ever. Not only did they fulfill their lifelong dream of writing a critically acclaimed novel, but they were also planning to elope to Italy — you know, right before Ezra found out Nicole was alive — so things are definitely serious between them.



That being said, nothing is ever as it seems in Rosewood; things change at the drop of a hat mask and A usually gets in the way of everyone’s happiness. Moreover, executive producer I. Marlene King has been teasing a romantic wedding event for the past few months now but has yet to reveal which beloved PLL couple will be getting hitched. “I don’t want to give away who it is, but one of our couples will be getting married this season,” she exclusively told our Alloy Entertainment team during a May 2016 set visit.

So who do you think it will it be? Thanks to a recent behind-the-scenes photo that Ian Harding snapped of his onscreen fiancée, Lucy Hale, fans are more convinced than ever that Aria Montgomery will be the one walking down the aisle by the time the series finale rolls around. While the actress isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary (she’s simply lounging on set, snuggled under one of the personalized varsity jackets the cast gifted the crew), a slight detail in her attire caught many viewers’ attention, causing them to promptly freak out.

Can you spot it?


Not only does she have a piece of white tulle poking out from behind her head (as in, a wedding veil), but based on a glimpse of sparkly fabric, there’s also something magical happening with her dress. Another detail to take into account is the way the positioning of the jacket; instead of wearing it, she’s using it as a blanket as though to hide her outfit. Hmm.

While these clues don’t necessarily mean she’s 100% getting married to Ezra, fans are awfully suspicious that the writers have exciting plans in store for the couple. Do you agree, or are people reading way too much into the picture? Sound off in a comment, and be sure to tune in to PLL Season 7B when it returns in April 2017!