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10 Times Hanna & Ashley’s Relationship on PLL Reminded You of the Gilmore Girls

Hanna and Ashley in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 22 - spoilers

Photo Credit: ABC Family/Eric McCandless

Believe it or not, Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls have more in common than you think! First, if you’re a pop-culture guru, then you already know that Rosewood and Stars Hollow are basically the same place seeing as how the shows were filmed on the Warner Bros. studio lot and used a lot of the same sets. Remember the AppleRose Grille from way back in PLL season 1? Well, it’s no secret that Luke Danes has poured many cups of coffee in that building.

That being said, while both shows have numerous sets in common, if you look hard enough, you’ll notice there also similarities between certain characters and relationships. For example? Well, aside from Spencer Hastings’ and Paris Geller’s impressive quick wit, if you’re a dedicated PLL viewer, you probably appreciate the close, meaningful bond between Ashley and Hanna Marin because it reminds you a bit of the one that Lorelai and Rory share. Each of these mother-daughter pairs consists of strong, caring women who not only have made us laugh and cry our hearts out over the years, but have also given us plenty of wonderful family goals to aspire to.

On that note, if you’re in the mood for a trip down memory lane, please join us below as we reminisce about some of our favorite Marin/Gilmore moments!

1.) The life lessons on how to handle frustrations

When the Marins are feeling angry and irritated, they de-stress by hurling plates at a wall.

If you’re a true Gilmore Girls fan, this should definitely remind you of the time Lorelai and Rory took out their frustrations with Luke’s rebellious nephew, Jess, by egging his car.

2.) The "don't even think about hurting my daughter" moments

Literally, Ashley’s words to her daughter were, “I will crush anyone who tries to hurt you.” Ashley has always been protective of Hanna – even though she, as a mother, often has no idea what is going on in Rosewood half of the time or how many bodies her daughter and her friends have buried. Lorelai Gilmore will stop at nothing to make sure Rory does not get hurt, whether it be at the hands of a boy or by a manipulation tactic by two of our favorites, Richard and Emily Gilmore.

Ashley Marin GIf

3.) The "keep my daughter out of trouble" attitude

When Hanna arrested for shoplifting, Ashley Marin stepped right in and provocatively persuaded Detective Wilden in an effort to keep the charges off Hanna’s files. Ashley even went to jail for a short stint to protect her daughter from landing behind bars!

As for our beloved Stars Hollow duo? One unforgettable scene springs to mind: Rory’s first day at Chilton. Lorelai overslept her alarm clock and ended up racing inside the school building in the worst (re: best) outfit, which included cowgirl boots, to defend her daughter’s tardiness.

Ahhh, motherly love.

ashley and wilden

4.) The "bad boy" blues

Both Ashley and Lorelai try their best to keep their daughters away from the bad boys in town. Ashley tries to persuade Hanna to not associate with Caleb (who turns out to be the best boyfriend ever), and Lorelai literally bad-mouths Jess any chance she got.

5.) The unbreakable bond

Just like Lorelai and Rory, Ashley and Hanna stick together despite Tom Marin disappearing from Rosewood and making a home with a new family that consists of a stepdaughter who most likely interns for the devil.

Likewise, Rory’s father, Christopher, left his family and gained a new one, along with a stepdaughter from hell. Towards the end of Gilmore Girls, you think there is hope for a Lorelai and Christopher reunion, but a backwards baseball cap (re: Luke) triumphs a motorcycle any day.

Ugh, you’d think these men would learn to not take a good woman for granted…

Ashley Marin roots for Caleb

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6.) They support each other through thick and thin.

Hanna and Rory are Team Mom through and through, and have stood by their side through many storms. For example, both the Marin and Gilmores are “one pay-check” families who have struggled through financial hardships: Hanna’s mother, in an effort to pay the bills and provide her daughter with a comfortable lifestyle, chose to steal from a rich, elderly client and store the goods in a lasagna box; Rory’s mother scrimped and saved over the years to avoid having to swallow her pride and turn to her wealthy parents for money.

That being said, their daughter definitely value all the sacrifices their moms have made for them and go to extraordinary lengths to help them out. Hanna does whatever it takes to support her mother, even if that means earning cash from A by eating too many cupcakes — and Rory doesn’t have a problem going behind her mother’s back to ask her grandparents for assistance.

hanna marin cupcakes

7.) Coffee, coffee, coffee

Both the Marins and the Gilmores know the importance of a good cup of java in the morning! These gals LOVE their dose of caffeine, preferably through an IV and only with their oxygen.


8.) The importance of "winding down"

Both mother-daughter duos aren’t afraid to indulge in some leisurely activities at the end of a long day. The mothers are constantly busy supporting their families, and the daughters always seem to be stressing over academics/dealing with a dangerous text-savvy stalker, so it definitely is a must. Thus, Hanna and Rory typically wash away their sorrows with some treats (shoes and a good book, respectively), while the Mama bears prefer takeout and a glass – or three – of wine.

9.) Their humorous rapport and one-liners

Nothing like some rapid-fire sass to diffuse a tense situation!

10.) Above all else: the BFF factor!

Have they experienced their fair share of arguments and falling outs? Of course, what parent and child hasn’t? People sometimes make mistakes and butt heads; it happens. However, the Marins and the Gilmores have proven that it’s never to late to apologize and make amends – because when push comes to shove, there’s no better shoulder to lean on during tough times. The mothers are always there for their daughters, and vice versa. Hanna will stop at nothing to protect Ashley, and Rory’s graduation speech depicts her mother for who she truly is: her role model, confidante, and best friend for life.

::Cue the feels::

So, dolls, have you noticed any more similarities between these mother-daughter dynamics? What are some of your favorite Ashley/Hanna and Lorelai/Rory moments? Share them with us in a comment below!